How to get ✅ Verified



Just verified @weepy local resident & customer of mine with his family :slight_smile:


You are very lucky @Michael , I left that username available just for you :wink:


Hahaha Snazy :joy:

Yep, I can verify Martin @rbmartin too.


I suspect I have met @brett but given the difficulty in verifying myself I could not say for certain.
Funny thing is we have all met possibly with the exception of Chris. I guess this will be rectified tomorrow. Sadly I can’t make it.


I’ve met @chrisbeach @Michael & he’s a lovely enthusiastic chap interested in getting involved in our community :heart_eyes:


Rob, can you verify I am a true flesh and blood person?


I cannot vouch for blood, but I have seen @Gary_Brown often enough in Pilates classes to vouch for him having flesh

  • that doesn’t sound right, does it? :smirk:

he is not a bot!


Maybe I should have said blood and sweat?:cold_sweat:


Ben (Benjamin Mathews) popped in today to say he joined. I can verify him as a local resident & trader.


I have verified him. Thanks @Pauline.


Hi Pauline, Please can you vouch for me so that I can become verified! Ta, Ax


Just verified you Alisa xx


Just verified @MammaDough via the known domain on their email address. Welcome to the site.


Just verified @Tersie, who co-owns the excellent @honoroakpark Twitter account.


I can’t verify him/her but I would just like to say “welcome” to @Paddy_Pantsdown who hasn’t been around on the Sydenham forum since 2011, at least not using that name. Good to hear from you again. At this rate we could even see the return of baggydave from days of old.


Just verified @Nancy’s profile. Manageress of the fantastic new Chandos


Just verified @Cazimo should have done this before via Twitter but better late than never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awwww thanks so much lovely lady!! YAY! :smiley:


Just verified @AndyS :slight_smile:


Just verified @Welshcake was lovely to meet you today :slight_smile: