How to get ✅ Verified



Hi Pauline. You know me and my children from shop and also from school too! N x


@nicjane Hi and thanks for joining the forum.

Just a polite note: in order to get verified, we have to use another “channel” to prove you are who you say you are (not that there’s any reason to doubt this in your case).

If you have another way of contacting Pauline (maybe you’re friends on FB for example), reaching out to her through that channel will help her verify your profile on here.


Oh okay no problem. Yes we are friends on fb too


Verified at last! Thanks @Pauline!


Nice to meet you this morning @Phil :slight_smile:

@Nicjane message me on Facebook & I can verify you too :slight_smile:


Just verified you @Nicjane xx


Just verified @lucyledisco :slight_smile:


Woo hoo! Ta Pauline x


Lucy if you want to opt in to politicos let @ChrisBeach know & he’ll add you - I think it might be of interest to you :slight_smile:


Just verified @Mylene_RT (Railway Telegraph) and @Saigon_Streat via their official email addresses.


Just verified @Insight


Thank you pauline


I got verified at @No41Coffee this afternoon (and had a lovely coffee!). Many thanks!


Just verified you @Rebecca_Jane_Hunter See you on Saturday morning xx


Just verified @Lydia93 Looking forward to your performance at FHFW Catwalk Show on Saturday xx


Verified @albionmilgreen as they have signed up via their official Twitter account. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:




Just verified @whatmegandid, a reporter


Just verified @Diana_Hawk local resident that runs a parenting group in the area & also soon to become one of our library volunteers.


Just verified @FusionLewisham, invited to the forum today.