How to get ✅ Verified



Thanks Pauline


Very welcome x


Just verified @Chris_Fisher welcome to the forum Chris :slight_smile:


Just verified @trudimc1 Was nice to meet you Trudi & hope you enjoy your rhubarb & custard sweets :slight_smile:


Just verified @Deano and he’s off to call TFL again about the traffic lights on D Rd, thanks for chasing this up :+1:


Just verified @HopCroftForum via their official email address. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing information on the Neighbourhood Plan.


Just verified @Thewrongtrousers was nice meeting and chatting to you Tom :slight_smile:


Just verified @robin.orton welcome to the lounge Robin :slight_smile:


Thanks, Pauline. What a relief to be verified - at last I can be confident I really exist!


Haha Robin you no longer are a robot :joy::joy:


Just verified you @Louise_Brooks xx


Verified @Fran_Payne earlier, was lovely chatting to you Fran, and fab you’ve joined the library :+1:

Also verified @Cara & @Wilhelm 2 of our library volunteers, thanks for popping in guys :slight_smile:


Cheers @Pauline and welcome to the forum, @Louise_Brooks, @Fran_Payne, @Cara and @Wilhelm :smiley:


Just verified @EmmaW from The Philosophy Foundation, our anchor tenants at the library :slight_smile:


Just verified @DADU3A as they’ve signed up using their official email account. Welcome to and we look forward to hearing more about the local U3A


Just verified Robina @BingBong editor of Families SE :slight_smile:


Just verified @Irmani_Smallwood was nice to meet you & hope your other half enjoyed his Twinkie :slight_smile:


Really nice to meet you! The Twinkie was delicious :slight_smile:


Just verified @Joey_H was great to meet you & have a long chat & giggles with you :joy::joy::joy:


Was lovely to have a good old reminisce & laugh with you all, felt like I knew you all right from the off :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: