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Just verified @SydArts as they’ve signed up using their official email address. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing news of the free pantomime.


I know Pauline although I have not been in her shop lately (why did I not take more care of my teeth years ago?! lol) and my sons have used and do still, use her her shop when they are in the area. I will pop in sometime this week, IF I get away from work early enough, otherwise, soonest possible, to get verified :wink:

(the Healthcare Assistant from Lewisham Hospital)
LOVE Lewisham & Greenwich NHS TRust


Just verified you Sue, glad you joined & see you soon xx


Welcome to the forum, Sue - enjoyed your posts very much!


Hi Pauline and Chris (and everyone)
Thanks for that Pauline and I am glad to be here too :slight_smile:
Well done Chris (and everyone else who helped/helps) for creating and running a local online forum for SE23 that actually does allow some freedom of speech, input from everyone who is willing to follow the guidelines and that which is truly inclusive and welcoming of the local people and what they have to say and offer. Sadly, I have had enough of places where you are made to feel “not worthy” of your input/not in “the gang”, so to speak, where online “one up man ship” and internet bullying/trolling is rife and where it feels ike “big brother” is watching you and also are just after the next “quick buck” at the cost of local people wishing to give advice, share information and stuff and more importantly gen up on what is happening around our wonderful SE23 and surrounding areas - good or bad.
Anyway, happy to be here, love SE23/beyond, glad to support such a place in any way I can and I will clue myself in more on what to/not to, do around here, whilst participating, as frequently as my work/home life allows.

Seasons greetings and warm regards



Just verified @BorderPaul local resident & Dad to a couple of my lovely little customers :slight_smile:


Just verified the lovely @PetiteBoucheeHY so glad to have you guys on the forum, P xx


We just wanted to say thank you to everyone. :blush:


Just verified @Watershed Was good meeting you at The Food Assembly tonight Alistair, hope you enjoyed your supper tonight :slight_smile:


I’m naughtily replying to “no reply” to say: “You too and thanks, it was lovely!”
Cheers, Al


Haha, let me know if you tried out the homemade cheese & onion potatoe rostie recipe I gave you. I smothered mine in leftover liver, bacon & onions from last night (and of course loads of cheese on top) & was delicious :heart_eyes:

I know I talk a lot so if you missed it during talks of D Rd improvements etc etc think I’ll have to cook a couple for tasting samples week after next for FHFA with our FHFA ingredients :slight_smile:

Not sure why you got a “no reply” though @ChrisBeach can you fix this please mate.

Anyway, was lovely meeting you today Al, and hope to see ya soon.

P :+1:


Ah yes - the site email address shouldn’t be "" now that replies are accepted and processed automatically. I’ve added this to the todo list. Cheers!


Nice one mate xx


Ah no I just had a simple steak/roast tats/veg/sauce combo, thanks for the recipe though!
Only reason I said “no reply” is because that’s what your email address seemed to be… dunno if it’s an IT thing.
Anyway, see you soon!


Hahaha, my email address is public :joy::joy::joy:


@Watershed and @Pauline - this is now sorted and the "" email address is no more (replaced with ""). Thanks for prompting me to fix this.


Just verified @Wynell Was nice to meet you today John :slight_smile:


Wow great shop not for those trying to lose a few pounds spent the walk home thinking about sherbet saucers!!
Reminiscing probably can’t get much now for tuppence halfpenny :slight_smile:


Just verified @southlondonmusicless was nice to meet you Seb :slight_smile:


Likewise, lovely to meet you Pauline. Look forward to being more involved in the community.