How to get ✅ Verified



Pleased to verify @HopscotchCafeBar. This account is run by Luca and his business partner, who have recently taken over the venue.


Just verified @westy1980 great to see you on the forum Phil & see ya soon xx


Verified Tom @NaturalHealthCoach great to have you on here Tom xx


Just verified the lovely Mel of @FowlMouths fab to have you here Mrs :kissing_heart:


Just verified Stephen @Bruceshire one of our volunteers at the library :slight_smile:


Just verified the lovely Matt @TheHillLoungeBar :slight_smile:


Pleased to verify @AckroydCentre - welcome to the forum! Also @MattFH and @BovillBunny - nice to meet you both today.


Hi Pauline, is there any chance you can verify me please? Thanks in advance and hope you’re well, Alice x


Hi @Alice, just a polite note: in order to get verified, we have to use another “channel” to prove you are who you say you are (not that there’s any reason to doubt this in your case).

If you have another way of contacting @Pauline (maybe you’re friends on FB for example, or you can pop into her shop), that will help to her verify your profile.

If you’re closer to Honor Oak than Forest Hill, you can pop into @No41Coffee, who are able to verify your profile on the spot.


Ah thanks Chris, understood! I’ll drop Pauline an email on Facebook.

I’m actually keen to get verified so that I can post on the Wanted/Offered section as I also have a mid 2012 MacBook for sale - and you seemed to have a fair bit of interest in yours!

I appreciate your advice.



@Alice ah excellent! You could try selling it here in auction style, as there are several people interested.


Just verified you Alice xx Great to have you on here xxx



Lovely thanks so much Pauline! Xxx


thanks Chris, I look forward in sharing all the activites that take place at the Ackroyd Centre with the SE23 life forum.




Just verified @DevonishForester was lovely to meet and chat to you today :slight_smile:


Just verified @Gillipops - great to meet you!


Verified @stepover was nice chatting to you at the weekend David :slight_smile:


Just verified @fabiodebe after having a lovely chat with him at the shop today :slight_smile:


Just verified @Rox was nice to meet you today :slight_smile: