How to get ✅ Verified



Great to have you on here Pat xx


Just verified @whlsarah Thanks Sarah for the ice cream post on Instagram today :slight_smile:


Thank you @Pauline😊 Lovely ice cream as always x


I have verified @kirkdalebookshop (based on recognised email address). Welcome to :thumbsup:


Just verified @BringOutTheCranston was lovely to meet you Anthony :slight_smile:


Verified @mwfrost earlier, was really lovely chatting to you today Michael :slight_smile:


Thank you me and my friend had so much fun at sugar mountain and loved the 80’s booth


Just verified @Howdo was great to meet you & the kids at the weekend :slight_smile:


Hi @Pauline, a while back (when I was volunteering at the library) you suggested I let you know my profile name for verification. Would it be OK for you to verify my account please? Marta


All done Marta, see you soon xx


Just verified @Fishcalledwanda was lovely chatting to you yesterday :slight_smile:


thank you Pauline!


Just verified Sue from @StreetTreesforLiving and also @Alice_Billerey_Yoga. Welcome to :thumbsup:


Just verified Cassie from @EveryChildTheatre - welcome to the forum :thumbsup:


Just verified @bcam was nice chatting to you Bryan :slight_smile:


Yep, was lovely meeting you. Thanks for the verification.
I’ll drop a Macaroni Pie into the shop after my next trip North!


Just verified the lovely @Kat my old neighbour. So glad you found Sammie today Katrina xx


Verified @Iris was lovely to meet you today :slight_smile:


Thanks Pauline - I’ll let you know if I have any luck with the Assembly funding, cheers for the tip!


Let me know if you need anymore info, and have a great Friday :slight_smile: