How to get ✅ Verified



Just verified @GillB brilliant Teacher Assistant in my 19yo daughters class (year 4/5) at Fairlawn Primary School long time ago. Great to have you here Gill :slight_smile:


Thank you Pauline. It was Year 1, when she was a young child :blush: Been meaning to get verified for a long time as well ha ha! :grimacing:


I just need to up-load a new photo now, Chris I need your help!:grimacing:


Click here to go to your preferences and you should see your exisiting profile pic - click on the pencil next to the pic and then Click “Upload Picture”…


Thank you :blush: have done just that!


Just verified @stevejohnson nice chatting to you today. I love your eldest son’s enthusiasm for reading, he’s top notch :books::heart:


Just verified @Cari_Hoskins - nice to bump into you earlier today


You too, thanks for the verification!


Just verified @Joe sorry Joe, I should have verified you before now when we first chatted :slight_smile:


Thanks Pauline.


Just verified @JDND the other half of Manisha @Crepe_Records who get involved in community events.

Sorry Justin, I only noticed I hadn’t verified you yet x


Thanks Pauline!


Just verified (via known email address) Jolyon, author of excellent local blog @LewishamLately -

Welcome to :+1:


Thanks Chris!


Just verified @AdamJSmith Was lovely to meet you today Adam, hope my interview helped with your Uni work :slight_smile:


Just verified @sarahdartmouthrd Was nice to meet you today Sarah :slight_smile:


Great to meet you too, Pauline! Thanks for he verification. See you soon!


Just verified @Bel Belinda is the Membership Secretary for FH Society :slight_smile:


Just verified @Em_E_Gore Em’s parents own Canvas & Cream. Hope you’re well Em and enjoying motherhood xx


Just verified @Hannah was lovely to meet you Hannah :slight_smile: