How to get ✅ Verified



Thanks @Pauline
lovely to meet you too!


Just verified @mindbodytherapy fab to have you here Karen & Devon xx


Just verified @Gem to keep her updated on D Rd Works Rd closure during her time of giving birth.


Just verified @TCM (Jason, former Donde owner and now The Clumsy Mole), based on known email address. Welcome to the forum!


Just verified @maurice thanks so much for donating a tree for FH Libraty again via Forest Hill Cabs Mo xx

I’ve got my decorating hat on after this tonight, so should give justice to decorating the tree tomorrow :slight_smile:

See you at some point tomorrow mucker & I’ve got all the stands & sandbags ready you donated from last year.




Just verified the lovely @margotwilson & @Maggie1 from our local Lib Dems, great to have you both on here & see you both soon xx


Many thanks, Pauline. Great to see you today and thanks for updating us on
what is going on.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas to you too, hope you have a great time & hope you have an amazing Hogmanay xx

You only just missed @JohnRussell he popped by to get some stocking fillers for the kids & a catch up too of course.

All the best for 2018 x


Delighted to be on board!



Great stuff Maggie, hope all enjoyed the sweets at your wedding. And hope you and Bill had an amazing day xx


Just verified @Ben_Oliver & @Jane.Somers welcome to the forum both of you, was lovely to meet you.

Hope you enjoyed your sugar free sherbet lemons Jane :+1:


Many thanks - really tasty.Thanks for all your information. Have a good weekend. Best wishes Jane Somers


Thanks for the add, lovely to meet you.

Let me know next time you have any Pez in!


Just verified @Emmy was nice to meet you yesterday & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Just verified @kennyjamesmoran thanks for popping by today & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pauline much appreciated! Do people verify pets such as dogs in case they go missing or anything like that?


Many of our members have posted their cats and dogs on - as you suggested, this is helpful if they’re missing and found by one of our members.


I realise this is a bit last minute but are there potentially any mini meet-ups or chances to be verified during the Dartmouth Road event? I’m hoping Sugar Mountain will be so busy that Pauline won’t want the distraction but there might be a few members around who aren’t always?


Just verified @Ari_Yoga thanks for popping by last Friday :slight_smile:
Sorry about the delay in verifying you Ari I must have taken your user name down incorrectly so had to get some help from @ChrisBeach to find out your username :+1:


Hello Pauline,

No worries :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

Have a nice day,