How to get ✅ Verified



Verified @London_Wire - arrived early to tonight’s meetup, good effort, and nice to meet you, Matt :slight_smile:


Just verified @AllInnOne - thanks for the warm hospitality at the meetup last night, Julia and Richard :sparkling_heart:

Also, @V22Collection (via their official email address). Welcome to the forum!


Just verified @Squwif cheers for popping in today Lesley & I’ll check out what we spoke about later on :slight_smile:


Just verified @Kate18 See you soon Kate :slight_smile:


Just verified @Sneezing7 I bumped into him at @V22_Louise_House on Saturday & the family are also customers of mine :slight_smile:

@Alice & @Helen_Edwards message me on FB or Twitter so I can verify you both xx

@John_Paschoud email me so I can verify you John :slight_smile:

All, we ask verified members to add a profile pic (preferably of yourself but not necessary) so can all add one please :slight_smile:


Just verified @WatersSE23

Stephan is a local resident who will be opening a Fishmonger/Greengrocers in FH very soon & also one of my customers & fellow FHTA member :slight_smile:


Hi @WatersSE23, welcome to! Let me know if you’d like to promote a post and we can work together to help advertise your launch to our audience here and on our social media channels. More info here.


Welcome also to @Sneezing7. Let me know if you need any help setting up your profile photo.


Just verified @FHFoodAssembly - looking forward to hearing more about this project


Thanks Chris, didn’t want to verify myself & @Zoleipar x


Is it possible to verify anyone else this way…I have a personal Twitter account and operate Lewisham cyclists one as well If I tweet something nice about from one or both would that do @saoirse60 @lewicyclists


@Taoschno the @lewicyclists account is well established so if you tweeted about from there I’d be happy to verify you.


Just seen your tweet and verified you - cheers @Taoschno!


Just verified @clausy his son is one of my customers, always nice to chat to you when you pop in :slight_smile:


Thanks Pauline, as he said, best sweet shop in London :slight_smile: and he was very happy to bring his cousins from Cape Cod along too.


Thanks, your son is always very polite when he comes in to me. He’s a great kid & is always enthusiastic about his cycling :slight_smile:


@Nancy, I can mark your account as verified if you add a profile photo and mention @SE23life from the official @ChandosSE23 Twitter account. Let me know if you need any assistance with the profile photo.


Just verified @Andrei Thanks for popping in it was nice chatting to you :slight_smile:


Cheers Pauline.


Just verified @weepy local resident & customer of mine with his family :slight_smile: