How to: Mute a topic

If a topic is repetitive or irrelevant to you, you can mute it.

To mute a topic, scroll to the bottom and click here (it may show “Normal”, “Watching” or “Tracking”):

Then click here:

This prevents the topic being listed on your homepage, and prevents you receiving notifications about it.

Except am not sure it does actually. You still get updated thread notifications, which you click on and then only see any unmuted items. Which can be none.

I see the developers are aware of this but it’s a tricky problem to fix apparently. I’ve added a suggestion on the developer forum.

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Any chance the options could be at the top or side of the thread? If it’s a long thread, it can be a right pain to scroll all the way to the bottom.


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There is a shortcut - click on the topic navigator (always visible at the bottom of the screen on mobile, and on the side of the screen on desktop), and then tap here:


Ah HA!!! I never noticed that blue dot off to the side before… how very useful.


Oh, it’s super handy. Now I’m not a mod and obliged to keep an eye on things, I can mute at will. Blessed peace.

@admins & @moderators - please feel free to mute any topics you’re not interested in. As long as one or two of us are tuned in, that’s fine. You’ll be notified of flags on muted topics.