How to recognise me (no DOGS)


The dog-loving team of @anon64893700, @anon65350507, @RachaelDunlop and others have a successful thread on recognising them via their dogs; even organising doggy meet-ups.

For the non dog owners, or even those with pets less inclined to being led around the area on a lead, there are other ways to recognise your fellow SE23.LIFErs.

In my case it will probably be my hats. As a reluctant participant in the non-amicable split between my scalp and hair-growing follicles, wearing a hat when it is too cold / too hot / too sunny / too wet / too natural has become second-nature.

In which case you might see me drifting past wearing one of my collection - either my Stetson Fedora, or maybe the Panama, or possibly what my wife calls my ‘Fidel’ hat (for exercise and gardening mainly).

What makes you recognisable? I’d love to be able to bump into you in the street and say hello.


That’s a nice collection. I do like a natty titfer on a man.


Purely to balance the sexist argument, you understand, I’m quite partial to natty titfers on women.


Going incognito for my stag hunt :wink:


Resurrecting this thread :smiley:
I guess, apart from the very casual attire I don when not in my work uniform (I am a Healthcare Assistant so am in grey top and navy trousers nursing uniform when on duty at Lewisham Hospital) one of my noticeable features of adornment would be, something with turquoise in or on it (earrings, pendant, keyring, belt buckle etc) or my range of witty, symbolic or logo-emblazoned re-usable bags I might carry. That and the happy look/smile I mostly wear on my face, especially during Spring when the Daffs are out in force! - unless its blowing a gale or sooo hot that I am scowling and sweating :stuck_out_tongue: and my interest in what is active/growing in your front garden (usually Spring - did I mention I love Daffodils!?! :smiley: ) I often state out loud what I think of the nice - or not so nice even - things I come across (flora, fauna and human) on my travels around our area.