How to recognise me (via dogs)


Well hello Suki ! What a sweet face.
Happy to have a little get together if time allows. Seems mine are enjoying socialising recently. Although can appear a little over bearing.

PS, welcome to the community @joerobot and Suki


She is just adorable


She’s ridiculous. I still find myself just sitting on the sofa and watching her for entertainment! Feel so lucky to have such a beautiful pup. :dog:


Haha they are great at that age, and such breeds rarely run out of that energy. Many years of fun to come yet I’m sure.
Glad mine are finally starting to calm down… a bit!


Welcome @joerobot and the beautiful Suki! Henry (9.5 months) LOVES to play with other dogs but we’re at the wrong end of SE23. At the moment he is sitting at the end of the garden barking at nothing, the big dafty. I’m led to believe that owning a puppy is not the same as owning a dog - here’s hoping! Equal measures of fun and frustration.


Thanks for the welcome! Gotta do the dreaded trip to Post Office Depot (worst thing about moving one road over from SE4 into SE23…) Anything good and dog friendly out that way? :slight_smile:


I have to agree with this comment. And wanted to add that dogs are sometimes compared to kids. Also not very good as an example, as kids tend to grow up and be more dependent, as well as grow to understand what you mean and give you feekback, dogs less so lol.

Puppies are great fun, dogs are the rewarding part of that investment for sure. It’s when the real fun starts, but I love mine in their big stupid state.


Holy thread resurrection !!

Thought I would update this post a bit.
Sadly Bailey has passed away, and is no longer with us (me and Ann @Baileysmum ( Yes we are an item now lol))

However we can be recognised not only by Aana and Tuvaaq, but also now by Kallik, the newest member of the pack. Rather recognisable in his own right.


Do you have a red coat as well?

EDIT: Sorry, not quite sure what happened there. Perhaps I replied before the page had fully refreshed and I didn’t notice I was responding to an ancient posting. indeed, as Londondrz said, terribly sorry for your loss, but the new family member looks very distinguished.

But - do you have a red coat, @Snazy? Or was that someone else I saw recently walking a dog not unlike those at the top of the thread?


Sorry to hear that Snazy but I am liking the new addition.


So sorry to hear about Bailey, Kallik is such a handsome boy, I hope he brings you both healing and happiness.

Me and this doofus will look out for you in Mayow Park.


I do indeed usually do wear a red jacket Andy, or a blue superman hoodie.
I’m usually out with them in the morning around 7 onwards.


Sadly little Aana (left of picture) is no longer with us. After having a large bleed, she was PTS.

We are however looking to get another friend for the boys soon from Watch this space. Another sled breed, or something different??


This is young Douggles enjoying a Bank Holiday brunch at The Signal.


Awww what a cutie


All those books!


I inherited my father’s large collection of Folio books some twenty years ago and have added four more every year since. Yup, that’s a lot of books.


Puts our tatty collection of old university text books and Georgette Heyers to shame.

Enough, however. I can sense that the moderators are getting annoyed with this digression.


The new pooch on the block, little Anya.
Seeing so many more people with dogs out and about recently. Great to see them all, especially the well controlled and behaved ones.


She’s gorgeous Michael. Those eyes melt me from a distance. I had a lovely kitty called Anya once too.