How to unwind after a busy morning

Nothing at all to do with SE23, but I thought I wouls leap over the line rather than toeing it, and just put this out there.

It’s been a lovely day, so I thought I would pop to Richmond Park and put a couple of laps in on the bike. It was stunning there today, so thought I would share a couple of pictures.

Anyone else like to cycle for fun?


A few years ago @Liz_Hall and I cycled from London to Paris (with a little bit of ferrying over the channel of course).

It was a group ride organised by Adventure Cafe, who booked the hotels, drove the support vehicle and provided ride leaders with GPS at the lead and tail of our group.

Amazing experience, made totally effortless by the organisers. Would definitely recommend them.

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Genuinely planning to do this at some point. Sadly the charity place goals are just unrealistic for me to achieve, so would be more inclined to pay the expenses part up front and then just see what I can raise separately.
Sounds like you had a blast. I will be sure to look up who you went with to see what I can fit in :slight_smile:

It’s actually a friend who wants to do it, but hey, bit of fun eh. We will have to go for a spin some time when you and Liz are free.

I’m very jealous of your bike ride in the sunshine this morning-it looks idyllic!
I’m definitely up for a group ride this summer. I will have hopefully picked a new bike by then :slight_smile:

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I was divine! Albeit short. The aim was just to smash my personal bests, and I did that very effectively!
I look forward to your new arrival. Happy to offer any knowledge I have.