How was your commute?



Oh cool. I noticed something new had opened to the left of Leon’s. But nothing suggested the wonderment of ready meals. Having a bare pantry I had to resort to Uber Eats.


Greggs is also coming :slight_smile:


It’s called urban express


Not looking too healthy this evening. How many years did they have to plan this?


Not good at all
Plus issues on the Overground too due to a bridge strike


Although neither to do with the new timetable.



Was going to post it in a new thread but didn’t want to be starting new threads here there and everywhere.


Fair concern, but in this case a new topic would have made sense IMO. No biggie.


Dreadful tonite with delays and cancellations around 6pm. Very pleased we have an alternative in our neck of the woods but Overground packed out. Glad I dont live further out around Sutton area…


I thought they had a no strike agreement.


Overground trains running fine this morning. Southern are still trying to understand the concept of running trains.


Not all of them. My partner trying to get to Gatwick. First the Sutton train ‘delayed’, then the West Croydon becomes non-stopping from Sydenham … hope she makes it to her flight.


Not sure who you’re responding to, but doesn’t it depend on the noise? Some noise can be suppressed with sound baffling, and other design features. Positioning of speakers will affect whether station announcements are heard by nearby residents - who don’t need to be told 200 times per day that unattended luggage may be destroyed by ‘security services’.


My commute? Bloody awful! But nowt to do with trains…
My bike and I had a separation of ways and I had to have a little lie down in the road.
New tarmac, fresh shinny road markings, a corner and rain. You can even see the bit where I came off!


I’m sure it must have been painful and that your comment is not to be taken literally.

Wishing you a rapid recovery.


A little blood and a fair bit of skin but nothing to concerning - thanks.


I bet it felt just like being a kid again - when you’d be doing that every other day.
The wounds heal but I hope it didn’t ruin any of your favorite clobber!
My last one of those was one dark night in about 1986 when I rollerskated backwards down Manor Mount and had to swerve to miss a car pulling out of Pearcefield Road - ripped my SIMS Wheels T-shirt to shreds!


Made a hole in my expensive breathable top but that’s fine as I don’t mind my elbow getting wet!
Yes - when I was a kid I had permanent holes in my knees and elbows but now I feel rather old and stiff!


Hope you are as ok as possible mate. Took the car today as I didn’t fancy it out there after last night downpour.
I totally get the thing with clothing. Ripped a pair of thermal bib tights, and ruined brand new bar tape last time. Falling off just gets more expensive with age.