How was your commute?



Totally agree about people wearing ear phones. On the 185 yesterday a young man cane down the stairs wanting to get off the bus & the driver said to him, ring the bell!! The man took one ear phone out, looked at him & rang the bell :sweat_smile:
Doesn’t anybody carry tissues these days, especially with the high hay fever! Perhaps they are expecting tissues to be in a dispenser on the train ! :sweat_smile:


Love the new timetable. They’ve filled in the gaps and the Southern and Overground trains have less people on them somehow.


A lot of them have probably given up and taken the bus!

Or handing over their savings to an Uber driver to get them anywhere near Gatwick airport…


I have to say I’ve found the complete opposite. There have been winners and losers with the changes.


Good if you use the Overground or London Bridge, not so much if you commute to East Croydon, Gatwick or anywhere on the Sussex coast.


Yes this so true. Was planning to hit Sussex by train on Sunday until realised that it was now 3 changes and c. 3 hours each way. Used to be able to do this easily as a day trip but no more it seems.


I tried the London Bridge train for the first time in ages and was surprised that it was half empty then arrived after 26 minutes and realised why. The journey time has doubled. Add that to less frequent trains and it could easily take you 40 minutes to travel between the stations.


I wish train type was included in train information. I’d have happily waited for an air conditioned 377 rather than the sweat box 455 I was on today.


I believe that generally the trains from and to Victoria are the only ones that are air-conditioned, except on weekends when they always seem to be wheeling out their oldest trains on show while all the new ones are lined up asleep at the depot down in Selhurst. There may be a good reason for this, but doing it during this hot weather looks like little care is giving to passengers. Ironically, they have ramped up the station announcements to carry a bottle of water with you at all times.


I had hoped this to be the case but my experience suggests a much higher usage of the 455s on the VIC-LBG route. It was on this route that I found myself on a 455 the other night and prompted me to write the post. It seems all hit and miss to me.

Some may recall the hilarious 377 train drivers who make jokes as they drive… sometimes even a quiz. Me and the OH were on one of their trains into LBG before the timetable switchover. Before arrival he bade a fond farewell to his many fans as he would be moving onto other routes. I now think that meant the 377s would be moving (mainly) onto other routes.

Bah humbug Southern. Shitty trains. No air con. And now not even a comedy roast to help with the heat.


Feeling very smug last night as I needed to get to Sloane Square for 7pm. Overground to Whitechapel followed by District line. Air con and a seat all the way. Ten minutes longer that changing at Canada Water for Jubilee to Westminster. Worth every extra minute.


I got on a bus last night - just a quick trip to East Dulwich on the 185.
I have never been hotter except in a sauna. They must be hell in “rush” hour…


From Camberwell I’d always use the buses for the commute. Thet were still cooler than the Victoria line.


With traffic lighter at the moment, if you have a bike it could be a good time to try a pedalling commute. It at least feels cooler en route though unless you go v slowly, you might need to change at the other end.

I rode in a dress last night to the cinema and it was surprisingly ok tho only half the usual distance. On the way home in late afternoon, I’ve started wetting my cycle top before I start so it can evaporate and cool me down on the hottest part in town. It is generally only when you stop, that you feel extra hot.


I ride every day but I love riding in this heat! I don’t know how people cope with buses and the like but I am happy to ride my bike in any weather. I see these lovely sunny days as my reward for riding through the winter…
Nice 22 miles this morning on my 3 mile commute!


I go to Westminster and today tried this - changing at Whitechapel rather than Canada Water. Got a seat most of the way (highly unusual) and arrived at work feeling much more chill, literally! Great idea and yes only adds 10 minutes…


grand if you get the district, Hammersmith and city is such a pot luck, I sometimes go Barbican to Whitechapel and it can be 17 minutes until the next one!