How you found the forum


I saw the poster on @chrisbeach bike shed. So glad I joined. Once again well done chris

Expectant parents?

It popped up on my Facebook feed in ‘pages I might like’ because I follow FH Soc, Sydenham Soc and some other local groups. It was the photo of the first meet up. And I still joined!


Couple of things happened & I can’t remember which was first.

@chrisbeach & @Liz_Hall popped into my shop & we had a good old chat about lots of thing in the community.

Chris also tweeted me & @Londondrz asking our opinions on a name for the forum, @Snazy was then added & Chris got back to us to say he bought the domain name

Really glad Chris set this up & it seems to be going from strength to strength :+1::+1:


I was followed by the SE23life Twitter account.


@Pauline mentioned it on se23 mums facebook group


I saw a to let sign in the perfect location Forest Hill to run my skincare Clinic in.

I decided to do some research in the forest hill area by looking on social media and adding myself to Facebook pages and tweets.

I was then introduced to Pauline wo is next door to me, she passed over my details to Chris and has given a lot of help support and advice.

I’m looking forward to being apart of the community and offering my services where needed.

SE23 life is an amazing forum! I’ve never come across such a strong community unit. And can’t wait to be apart of it,


Saw it on the back of a laptop in Honor Oak Provendor


@Pauline and @Chrisbeach begged me :grin:


Sounds like a great flow of events for your introduction to the area @Lorna_Fagan


Thankfully I was NOT involved in this begging of @Londondrz , as I am classier than that ! lol
Glad their begging paid off though.

Was there a bribe of bon bons to push you over the edge?


No, but there was almost a Twitter campaign :joy::joy::joy:


@Snazy, no Bon Bons but as @Pauline says I was roundly hounded over the internet :grin:


Yes you have such a great business community, I just can’t believe it!

Why not support others and give back to the community your in.


Hi Lorna - this website is able to help promote businesses using promoted topics. I’m happy to waive the fee for any businesses that put an poster up in their window as you and I were discussing a while back. Let me know if you have any other ideas on how we can work together. Great to have you and other new businesses joining the area and I wish you the best of luck with your beauty business opening next to Sugar Mountain.


Thanks Chris for your support I would like to put one of your posters in the window will definitely get back to you once my mind treatment list is on the window and it gets a clean.

I would like to have a write up done on me and the support I’ve recieved from foresthill community and of Course SE23 life.

I have a few bloggers and I’m normally featured very regularly in Professional Beauty Magazine if you know of any of course companies or contacts that would benefit the community being featured please let me know.


Hi Lorna, we are lucky to have a few professional and well-respected local writers as members of this forum. They are in the @Wordsmiths group - I wonder if it’s possible one of them will consider writing an article that discusses the long-standing efforts of @Pauline, @Michael and co for their leadership in the grassroots local community, the story of your business in local context, and also more recently, this young forum and how it could be a part of future contributions.

@RachaelDunlop and I have ready access to a press release and high-res graphics if anyone would like them.


That sounds like a plan Chris would like to go ahead with this once the skincare centre is officially open 1st of July, unofficially should be a week after


To the person who kindly put this poster up inside the L&Q box - if you’re reading this, thank you :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

[Grierson Road, Honor Oak Park]