I lost my engagement ring [now found]

I lost my silver engagement ring in the area between forest hill station and forest Hill Sainsburys on Thursday evening between 5 and 5:30 pm
If you have found it I would be so great full to get it back

I hope you find it. Was that you searching near the old Santander this evening with the light on your phone?

Thank you everbody for looking and caring.
I got the ring back now :slight_smile:

Best D


Wow! How??

I had already lost it earlier during the day. So I found it again next to a sandpit when I walked back to anywhere I was yesterday!!! So blessed !


Years ago I lost a £900 cheque somewhere between Soho and London Bridge. Retraced my steps and found it in a puddle near Wardour Street. Fortunately, it was lying face down - so to anyone else it just looked like a blank piece of paper!

How lucky was that!
I’m glad that your perseverance paid off.

That’s great news!

Have you bought a lottery ticket while your luck is running?