I want my invitation on next night long Manor Mount Party Plz!

Seriously… it’s past 1.30 am and they just sang happy birthday… and now a cake is ready at 01.39… with the DJ and full sound system on announcements … happy to go to the party with my PJs and a beer and I want my share of the cake now that i will be up until dawn… happy 30th birthday Twins ( blame the DJ :crazy_face:)
This is the 2nd party in the past 3 weeks… neighbours expect invitation on next ones😏


We were losing the will to live on Pearcefield Avenue too, can’t handle another one, it was like the DJ was in our living room, can’t imagine what it must have been like for those on Manor Mount! Did anyone make a noise complaint in the end?

I didn’t realise these parties were invite only. I’ve been listening to the music from the other side of the south circular.

Can I suggest that after the next party we organise a 7am car stereo sound off on Manor Mount to celebrate the eclectic taste in music from the local area. Alternatively we could organise some yodelling lessons to help people communicate between the mounts of South London. Meet on the corner of Manor Mount and Waldenshaw Road.


I’d favour an early morning blast of Chinese opera myself.


I looked up the details but it asked for an exact address and I wasn’t going to investigate after midnight.

If it happens again, we’ll take a look now we know the road where its coming from. It was bitter sweet as the party before last the DJ managed to seamlessly mix Crazy in Love with Take on Me, annoyed about the noise but impressed with the DJing skills ha!


It seems that Glastonbury has relocated to Forest Hill.

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Now that is a mix I’d like to hear.

Local interest. Aha wrote Take on me right here in Forest Hill.


And Beyonce had coffee in Forest Hill Spotted in SE23 - #4 by Londondrz

SE23 degrees of separation.


I reported it to the council. It was the second time in 2-3 weeks’ time that they had loud music into the night.
We went there at 3am and asked them to turn down the music, which was declined. Was called a Karen though. I was trying to go into the house to nose around but was declined entry because I had a dog with me (and I wasn’t invited, party poopers).


I reported the first party but then was told one off party would not be investigated by council. I never expected the second one was coming!

Thanks to those of you who did report it. Given the noise where I live, I can only imagine how bad it was much closer to the epicentre.

In other news, I’ve decided I like the word ‘epicentre’ - ‘epic entre’ that’s what you need at a party!

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One of my kids went out on a recon mission and wasn’t allowed in. Ironically one of the neighbours once reported me for ‘having a bonfire’ aka charcoal barbecue and the council sent me a nastygram about a £5000 fine threat and then came to investigate and went oh ok maybe you have a barbecue. Meanwhile LOUD DISCO? Again? Carry on…

It will be interesting to see if they do it a third time if we get any action.

I jokingly agree with the 7am suggestion… we could play some loud local noise Forest Hill Society: Public Service Broadcasting


Why would you send the kids when you can release the drones?

I love this!!! Thanks for that x

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Thanks for reporting, can I ask if it was a privately owned house or rented? If it has a rented sign outside i’m happy to reach out to the landlord and letting agent, may get more traction that way?

Advertise the next party on facebook.
They will get inundated with gatecrashers!


Nothing outside. I walked past it this morning.