Ice Skating


Does anyone know if there is a skating rink anywhere around Forest Hill? Wold love to do some Christmas skating…


Streatham is the closest to SE23, and the cheapest option - it regular hosts league Ice Hockey matches so the rink is well maintained, albeit a bit utilitarian.

For a more Christmasy feel then the outdoor pop-up rink at Canary Wharf is not too bad to get to (as long as the Overground & Jubilee lines are running) but you’re paying a premium for the atmosphere and the location.


I’ve been involved with the skate shop in the Streatham rink since 1982 so I know it quite well. It’s getting quite busy now on Saturday and Sunday afternoons but it has an Olympic size ice pad of 60x30 metres so there’s still plenty of space if you’re trying to learn.

In my opinion, the nicest outdoor rink is Somerset House because the setting is just perfect.


Fantastic setting. But both times I went terrible ice. Made my figure eights quite shaky


Natural History Musuem has a popular ice rink up around this time of year


Don’t tell me - and it made take-off and landing of your triple salchows a bit tricky as well!

Yes, the ice can be a bit iffy on those outdoor rinks depending on ambient temperature and rain etc, compared to a more consistent indoor ice pad.


Might have to make our Xmas Eve day out Ice Skating.

Used to do it loads as a kid,but haven’t skated in years :slight_smile:


Good luck @Pauline

I used to skate too as youngster but I increasingly find it that once a year is really bad way to do this activity. So this year I will not do it for Xmas. If the girls want to pick it up as a regular hobby, then that is another ball game which we could do together.

Plus I like proper ice and Streatham and Doncaster were the best places for the ice quality IMHO and they are open not just for the festive season.