Iconic image of Forest Hill?

I know someone leaving Forest Hill after a decade of living here and thought to give them a framed photo/image to remember their time here by.

Which got me thinking, what’s the iconic image of Forest Hill?

My first thought was the sign under the bridge - but is there something better?

(I assume it’ll end up in the guest toilet or some such, so might need to hold your attention for 5 minutes or so :wink:)


When I left SE23 this is what I took with me and put up on the wall:

(Available for purchase in @leafandgroove)

Forest Hill Library is the defining symbol of the area for me. Aside from the gorgeous architecture, it’s a symbol of community spirit.

Just amazing, to see @Pauline, @Simon, @Michael and others rescue the library from closure, and off their own backs, keep it running for the community.

In fact they didn’t just keep the lights on, but they improved the library in many ways and brought onboard loads of other local people to get involved, and it’s still going strong years later.

When I launched this forum back in 2016, some of those people (particularly @Pauline) also supported my efforts and helped make this website very special. I will be eternally grateful for that, and I will never forget Forest Hill.


We have this on our wall in Tunbridge Wells!


Totally agree with the other replies, but for me, it’s the Horniman Walrus.

Some nice stuff on Etsy.

Check out some of the work from Place in Print. Until recently they were based in Havelock Walk.

Bunka on Dartmouth Road usually has some area themed prints as well.


For me it would be the sign and also the walrus.

Hi Chris, sorry I’m not on much, I’m trying to do my Uni course in half the time it should take me. Will be finished year 2 this year when I only started February this year so my head is down and working hard, spoke to @Michael yesterday outside the new murals after opening the library. I’m still here and hope to do a lot more in the community when I finish my degree event wise in the community :slight_smile:


As @Michael told me yesterday he knows I can do this but I want more experience and a degree to come back with a bang to make a real change with much more experience in the events industry to create much more in FH very soon as I love my community. I will also be running ideas by @Anotherjohn as I have the most respect for him and he knows our hood inside out so will always give me great advice. Happy Sunday All xx


I’m aiming to get to Uni (University of East London) at 6am tomorrow even though my lectures don’t start till 9am so goodnight all,xx

I really miss you all but I have to work hard right now to try make a difference soon :slight_smile:

Give them a pic of Ferfect Fried Chicken. Iconic.


The library prints as seen in Chris’ post are available to buy framed from us in Leaf and Groove.


Few things for me, but I suppose it depends a little what they did and enjoyed.

For me it would be the Horniman Museum as we went there so much when the kids were small.

Next it would be the views from One Tree Hill or Blythe Hill.

Did they like eating out \ drinking locally? Maybe the Tiger at Babur?

Image wise maybe your first option, taken at night with light trails from the cards passing the sign which has the Walrus might be good?

I’ve seen one of these up on the wall in Fred’s in Crofton Park, made locally in Brockley. Always thought it looked quite nice.

They do several areas