Idea: Part-Pedestrianise Perry Vale



As simple as the idea is, implementation would be a pain, and the junctions either end would be horrible, and get rid of traffic flow.
The route taken would depend on eventual destination, so the bypass so to speak would be single use for those going from Mayow and then onto A205 East.
With regards to pedestrianisation of Perry Vale, why on earth? Pedestrianisation of yet another high volume road? Just like Waterloo which is next on the list…

Ideally no road would be stuffed with traffic, but at the end of the day it has been like this for decades. The calls for crossings etc are not new but have become popular recently partially due to the increased volumes of commuters to the area. Again, it’s not hard to cross the road safely for most, but laziness plays its part.

The market sounds a wonderful idea. Practical, promotional for the local businesses, and an opportunity for new businesses to flourish. As well as attracting footfall to the area for existing businesses.

I’m sure we all have an idea of how to reduce the traffic in certain areas to best suit us, but sometimes it is what it is.


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Rather than trying to artificially slow our congested roads down across the borough in blunt one-size-fits-all fashion, we could take bolder steps and look at blackspots instead. I’d love to re-route traffic away from Perry Vale (bendy, pedestrian-heavy, poor visibility, by a train station and high density housing) onto Sunderland Road (long, straight, wide, with low-density housing).


Not sure about Sunderland Road. It’s a big hill with a blind brow. Obviously the speed bumps would have to go.

How about Westbourne Drive? It’s flat and straight and comes out near an existing junction.


Does anyone understand how decisions about roads are taken? Who by? Mayor? Full Council Meeting? A Committee?

I have tried to find out about previous decisions, but have been told by council officers that records are not available, and that they have no obligation to provide such.


I don’t think a huge increase in traffic down Sunderland Road is a particularly favourable idea. It has the Primary School and the Nursery on South Road nearby both with outside play areas that would suffer with the extra exhaust pollution.

Plus the junction where Sunderland meets the South Circular is extremely difficult to turn out from so there would be a constant build up of waiting cars adding to the issue.


True. There’s a school on Perry Vale as well, don’t forget.


Probably a Committee (most Council things are), in which case the minutes and papers should be online. If that doesn’t answer your question then submit an FOI request - Council officers do have an obligation to answer those (they have to be made in writing).


@ChrisBeach, can you clarify what proposal we are talking about here, is this actually a proper proposal or more a what if scenario? I think it may need a header change so readers do not confuse it with proper proposals made for Perry vale


Fair point. I’ve changed the title to “Idea: …”


Hi all if you was to reroute the traffics down sunderland road n remove the humps u will find more speeding as cars fly n sometimes don’t stop also so many accidents I seen because the juction


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