Ideas for leap day 2020

I am seeking ideas and inspiration for leap day 2020. I feel that we need to spend the extra day in a memorable way. Any ideas? So far I have take a leap of faith - try something out of your comfort zone. Ideas please.

What did you do in 2016?

It was a work day so extra hours! This one is a Saturdat so time to play.

Okay - could this be an option:

Skydive - perhaps for a charity? If that’s a jump too far, trampolining or Go Ape?

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If you don’t mind upsetting the Extinction Rebellion crowd and have the cash or credit, you could go travelling. A well timed trip from Tonga to American Samoa will buy you two leap days, as you cross the International Date Line. Other countries are available - just make sure you’re heading eastward!