Idling UK Power Network cars/vans in Lewisham

Does anyone know how I can report an idling vehicle? Late last night at around 11pm, Garthorne Road was subjected to pneumatic drilling into the pavement by the UK Power Network team, attempting to fix a power outage. I confronted the team and was told they had been aware of the outage for five hours, but had decided that 11pm on a Sunday night was an acceptable time to commence works and wake a few families up as a consequence.

This morning, a second team have been sat asleep in a van for at least three hours with the engine running. What is really galling is that they are seemingly not even doing this to keep the van warm, as they have the windows open. I would really like an enforcement officer to dispense an £80 fine to these people. It is totally unacceptable - can anyone help? Calling the council has been a waste of time so far…

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You could take a photo and stick it on twitter. A bit of public shaming wouldn’t hurt

Is there a company logo/phone number on the van? UK Power? I’d phone up their PR office and suggest the company might not want to be named and shamed all over social media, plus it would be probably be the company that got fined.


The forum in action - a wonderful thing to behold! Thanks all, much appreciated.


And well done Aaron.