Idris Elba in Rivoli Ballroom (BBC’s “Luther”)


Residents picked up on the film crew in their area when the cast were seen on location in The Rivoli Ballroom. Originally opened in 1913, it is the only intact 1950s ballroom remaining in England. It is famed for its original decor and interior fittings and is often used as a location for films, TV and music videos.

Further promo shots for Luther show Cornelius (played by Patrick Malahide) and some balaclava-ed baddies getting down to some nasty business in the ballroom.

Cornelius (PATRICK MALAHIDE) and some fierce-looking associates in the Rivoli Ballroom (Photo: BBC / Des Willie)


WOW!! Thanks for sharing - that’s amazing :smiley:


Popular BBC filing location - a scene from ‘Informer’, shown in October, was filmed inside and out - skip to 32:46


I have been watching Luther, gruesome as it is & I recognised the Rivoli as soon as I saw those shots. The Informer was apparently filmed in the Rivoli & down by the side street by the cab office. I see film crews outside the Rivoli all the time whenever I go to the station or to volunteer at the library. Haven’t even had a glimpse of anyone famous though…YET! :slight_smile: