If there was an SE23 version of Monopoly

Just for fun here, and not to cause any arguments about “my road is better than your road” (well not too much anyway lol)

If the roads, utilities and other such facilities in SE23 were to be put on a Monopoly board, how would it look?

In the interest of fairness, lets pretend that the higher and lower end of the roads are in other postcode, so don’t count.

Make sense?

First up, where would the prison be? :joy:

“Go directly to Miriam Lodge, do not pass Paddy Power, do not collect £200”

The stations are going to be problematic, as we only have two, unless we include Lordship Lane and Honor Oak on the Nunhead Line.

We could arrange for Free Parking to be chargeable after the first 30 minutes.

Sadly I’ve laid out half the board in my head.


Haha nice start.
Glad I am not the only one who has thought this through.

Brilliant Mchael!

The pieces could be:

  • a quad bike,
  • a stolen scooter,
  • a Southern train (you miss your first turn each game due to delays),
  • a stolen dog,
  • a white BMW (parked on a pavement), and
  • a Horniman.

It would also be good to see a community library as one of the utilities.


OMG - that would be amazing! I might have to collate the ideas here, put an order in with these guys - http://www.mylifegames.com, amd bring ot along for the next board games night :joy:


For the utilities - we have the BT exchange by the CoOp on Stanstead Road, and the electrical substation at the end of Sydenham Park road (nxt to the railay line)


Haha loving the suggestions so far.

Surely sugar mountain is a utility, powering the kids of se23


I’m afraid I was a bit boring with utilities: Electricity sub station and swimming pool.
The library, in a controversial move, is the community chest.

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“Advance to Mamma Dough at 6pm or take a Chance”

[ducks] :kissing:

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Equivalents -
Old Kent Road - Perry Vale
Mayfair - Dartmouth Road
(Or was I only joking!)



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Dark blue (Mayfair etc)
Dartmouth Road (we have library, pools @ @V22Collection)
London Road (we have @HornimanMuseum )


  • Perry Vale
  • Honor Oak
  • crouton Park

Meant Crofton Park :slight_smile:

No higher and lower end of the board Pauline, it’s the rules. No status swinging in this game, all midrange.

Lol at the cheeky edit.

Dartmouth Road, London Road, and Honor Oak Park are green - the main shopping roads.


What’s your Mayfair & Parklane Michael :slight_smile:

Has to be Michael, otherwise it wouldn’t work properly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: