Il Mirto [Closed in August 2018]



Stumbled upon this listing on Gumtree. Looks like Il Mirto is looking for a new owner…

Italian del- ice-cream parlour for sale.
Very good long term investment in an up and coming area.
Possibility to increase sales.
Please contact for details about price


Funnily enough, I was walking past yesterday and looked in. Nothing I wanted to buy, a very mixed selection. I think it could do well with a bit more focus, but at the moment it doesn’t really offer anything that existing established businesses don’t already offer.


I love this place and couldn’t disagree more with @RachaelDunlop. It is my source for wonderful dried pastas particularly fregola. They have the most wonderful sweet Italian fennel sausage. Their homemade canoli (not the smaller ones) are among the nicest I’ve had. They have an amazing selection of Italian/Sardinian meats such as a great mortadella. Plus I’ve gotten used to using superior tinned tomatoes from Italy. And I love the few fresh items them bring in from Sardinia like their basil and sweet onions.

And I get a free ice cream with every shop. I for one would miss them.


I think it is a great little place and have bought some lovely northern Italian wine from them in recent weeks. Would certainly be sad to see them go.

The marketing side of things doesn’t help them however, as Rachael says, mixed messages and odd layout. They do need a make-over.


That I agree. And service can be terribly slow.


I’m a massive fan of this place.

Speck ham, Burrata, DECENT Olives and fresh Arancini are not things you come across easily.

Maybe they are having troubles keeping this place and the restaurant in East Dulwich going at the same time?

Would be really disappointed to see these guys leave!


They always seem busy enough to me so guess its not an issue with lack of business. As @Dan says, perhaps the effort of keeping two places going is proving too much.

If I remember rightly, when they first took on that unit they wanted to turn it into a pizza restaurant but were refused planning permission. Must be pretty tough for them to see Bona doing so well.


Well, there you go, I’m glad to be proved wrong!

Is it normal to advertise going concern businesses in Gumtree?




Hi Rachel
Not that I’ve ever advertised an ongoing business on Gumtree, but I have successfully let a few vacant shops through them. In fact, I received way more contact from Gumtree than Rightmove and Zoopla etc so it’s clear that business people are being tuned-in - maybe via a Google search?
The beauty of Gumtree is that it’s free (compared with the £000s that agents charge) and, by dealing directly with the applicant, you get the opportunity to really get a feel for what they’re all about.
In this instance though, the existing business owner will need to propose the applicant to the Landlord, who will have the final say as to whether they’re acceptable or not.
In my experience, as a shopkeeper (not Landlord), it can be a long and drawn-out nightmare.
I hope everything works out for the best here.


Thanks for that info, @Anotherjohn. very interesting.


I don’t think asking for a premium to take on a lease in FH will be easy, so this may well be as @Anotherjohn said a very long process.

As far as I know accounts will probably have to be shown to justify a premium and most would probably expect a 5 year history, so even more difficult for a newish business.

I know of a few businesses in FH that wanted a premium for their lease but ended up passing on the lease without the premium to move on.

Whatever the case it probably won’t be easy.

I don’t know the situation or the reasons why but If the owners really want/need to move on I would say the best bet would be to speak to the landlord and ask if they can leave the contract early if that is what they need to do. Depending on the clauses they may or may not be able to do this.

We don’t know what the rent and overheads are before a profit is made, so can’t really judge on this without knowing.

I only know a bit about this as I almost took on a second shop premises in Hoxton a couple of years ago &'when others started showing an interest after my initial interest (which had no premium) the landlord added a premium last minute which put me off straight away so it made me very wary.

Sorry boss has to be said here @Anotherjohn is a local shop landlord and you couldn’t find a better and fairer shop landlord than him in FH!

His advice on this thread is probably invaluable :slight_smile:


Wow, Italian fennel sausage! I love it. Will stop in and get some.


I now know the asking premium to take on this lease is 25k.


Dear All, just a note to say that we had the most fabulous three course dinner with wine at Il Mirto Forest Hill. The tiramisu is to die for! On a wet and drizzly Sunday evening it was just what we needed. We are delighted to have this little piece of Italian sunshine in our neighbourhood and will return again soon.


Do Il Morto serve meals?


Yes they do. They only have inside seating for about six people, plus a few more outside for when the weather is good. They’re also fully licensed. So best to ring ahead to book.


Looks like it closed down today, lots of equipment was removed and the shop was closed while it was being cleared out though the owner was inside clearing things out.


This saddens me greatly. Twas an excellent source of pastas, Italian deli products and proper Italian tomatoes.


Sorry to see this go - guess my periodic purchases of fennel sausages and cannoli were not enough in the end. Will have to start auditions for a new supplier…