Il Mirto [Closed in August 2018]



No!!! Great place :sob: Please not another nail bar!


Their fennel sausage was the closest I could find to a North American style Italian sausage. At least when I was last in I bought 3kg for freezing.


That’s really disappointing.


Really hope it won’t be a nail bar, hairdressers, or Estate Agents. Though didn’t think it was my place to ask today.

Another load went out in a van this evening.


Ah what a shame! And also won’t be so good to have another empty shop unit on the street :frowning:


The ‘natural’ outcome for this premises would be for Aga’s Little Deli to expand sideways into it.
Aga has evolved her business from a one-off stall at the monthly station market a few years ago and she has stuck to her guns and made a real niche for herself in the town.
To be honest, I was gutted for the when Il Mirto opened a deli right next door, but diligent hard work, persistence and character kept her in the game and I’m so happy that she’s gone from strength to strength.
Fo me, this lady has what it takes to succeed with the additional premises and I would be the first one to help with a crowdfunder if she needed a bit of dosh to get it off the ground.


Extra tables at Aga’s would be great. Nothing hurts my heart more is when I visit for the World’s Best cheese toastie to find no table available.

Though I never saw Aga’s Little Deli and Il Mirto as competitors, particularly with Il Mirto’s focus on Italian and Sicilian meats, cheese and other products. If anything I thought they complimented each other. Some may travel to Dartmouth Road for one, but more makes the trip much more attractive. I gather there was some grief between Il Mirto and other traders, but that predates my residency in FH.

I’d join you on the crowdfunder to, if only to ensure a seat for my cheese toastie, and to help get over the loss of the best fennel sausage in town.


Someone has alreadt taken on the shop lease, but I don’t know who or what yet.

I know this because another D Rd trader wanted to expand and asked for the landlords details & was told that someone had taken it on already.


I think you’re right on that; and there was room for the Italian produce, which is why I hope Aga takes on this other shop where she could expand her range of offerings to fill the vacuum.

One caveat though. The Small Business Rates Relief scheme only applies to one premises per business, which would mean that the combined rent and rates on the second shop might make it unsustainable. So, perhaps, a way around that could be if the new bit was operated by a Ltd Co with Aga as a director?

I’ve just thought - here we are planning moves for Aga’s business but she’s probably totally happy with things as they are!

(Sorry Aga)


A massive shame, right next to the new bus stop too.


Maybe a separation of the retail deli and the cafe?

Perhaps we can both discuss this with her and she can give us cheese toasties as thanks.


Yeh, anything for one of her cheese toasties.
She’ll more than likely whack me 'round the head with a sour dough baguette for interfering though!


I wonder if the chaos of the never ending road refurb was the nail in the coffin ?


No, bigmacca1, I don’t.

No disrespect to Il Mirto, but I my understanding was that they took on the premises with the intention of running a restaurant, similar to their other one in Dulwich, but they hit some restriction or other and were forced into radically changing their business model. In my opinion, it never really took off. It reminded me of a little shop that I rented-out in about 1990 running as an Italian deli & coffee bar called Enzo. The guy was authentic and passionate about his trade, like the chap at Il Mirto, but it was a bit hap-hazard and it never quite worked. The other thing was that Enzo (like Il Mirto) also had another business interest, wholesaling his own range of fresh pastas, jarred porchini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and olives etc so the shop wasn’t the be-all and end-all as far as he was concerned.


They were expecting to be able to sell pizza. But they were not allowed by the council. Obviously a big shift. They actually have been trying to sell the lease since almost they opened.
Inyetesting to find out what’s coming next !


I’m really naive to this sort of stuff. But why wouldn’t you be allowed? Is it something to do with kitchen exhaust extraction? Or is it a different licence or something.


I had no idea that this was an offshoot of a restaurant business in East Dulwich. I wonder if that business will take back some of the retail operations.

I presume the premises are currently classed A1 for retail use. To use as a restaurant the council would need to approve a change of class to A3 for restaurants.

From Lewisham planning I can see there was an effort to do this back in 2008, but nothing since. Has Il Mirto been there that long?


No they’ve only been around a few years. If I remember correctly, after they’d signed the lease on the shop, they took soundings from Lewisham’s planning team, and were advised that an attempt to switch to A3 was likely to fail, so they never bothered even applying for permission to do that.


I know that the years fly by when you get to my age, but I’d be shocked if they’ve been there that long!
I’d’ve thought more like 2014/15-ish.


the fennel sausage crisis might be over- Il Mirto must surely sell them in their East Dulwich deli, just round the corner from ED station. never been there and will have a look next time I’m up that way.