Il Mirto [Closed in August 2018]



Do they have a deli there? The website seemed to suggest that was just a restaurant/wine bar and the retail unit (deli) was here in Forest Hill. I suppose one could just call bu that is just so old fashioned.

Last time I bought them I bought the whole pack so it may have the producer on the label. If there, I’ll send you a PM.


oh yes - I see what you mean


Gennaro’s in Lewisham sell an amazing fennel sausage from Tuscany. That’s been my source for years.


Would it now be called Antonio’s?


Really sorry to lose Il Mirto, not least for the fennel sausage. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t try to take in the lease of e.g. Dartmouth Tandoori, since they wanted to open a restaurant here. It’s not like there aren’t premises.

Every time there’s a step forward in the area it feels like there’s a step back. Il Mirto, Montage, Fig and Pistachio, Perry Vale… Why can’t good places stay?


I LOVED montage!
I really miss it tbh!


So it would seem. You gave me a start there as was worried it had changed hands.

Renamed after the owner. One of the best deli’s in London IMO.


Apparently Chinese people have taken on the lease, and I’ve been told by the builders it will be a Fusion Cafe or a Tea Shop.

Not quite sure what it means though.


Chinese people used to own a fusion place in Dartmouth Road on the left going up from Forest Hill Station.
Food was good, but restaurant didn’t last for long as far as I remember.


Latest I have heard is a Japanese Cafe!

If it’s good it could be great for the area :slight_smile:


It’s interesting that Il Mirto is to become a restaurant, as they originally hoped to open as a pizza restaurant, but were informally advised by the council that a change of planning consent would likely not be forthcoming, so they switched strategy to become a gelateria and deli.

New shop next to Superdrug (formerly Money Shop)

Yes surprising and a bit disappointing as it would be nice to have a new type of business to what’s already available. The owner confirmed it will be a Chinese Fusion restaurant when I went over to ask the builders.


But Chinese fused with what I wonder? I’d love a Chinese-Mexican restaurant. These are becoming quite popular across the pond.