I'm leaving the moderator team

Morning all

After 1.5 years or so I’ve decided to take a break from moderating the forum. I’d like to thank my follow moderators for all their help and wise guidance during that time, and the 99.9% of people on here who make this place a great resource for locals.

I will still be active on here and their is a danger I will not post more pictures on small bugs in the Wildlife sections - be warned!

There are many local resources available to people in SE23, and we are blessed with many people who actively want to improve the area. My hope is that everyone can find a way to work together for various campaigns as many hands make light work as they say, and certainly reach a wider audience!

Moderating is never as easy as you think - I was once told just past midnight, as I explained I was going to stop debating the rights and wrongs of what someone had posted as I needed to be at work at 8am, that if I didn’t want to end the conversation I should not have started it! So a little plea from me - all the moderators on here give up their free time to try and keep the site running smoothly - you won’t always agree with their decisions - but they have always been done with the best of intentions. This is a great site - let’s keep it that way!




Al, gutted but fully understood. You calm demeanor and the pleasant way you go about moderating will be greatly missed.

Stay well.




I’m so sorry that you’ve left the team but I understand your reasons and wish you the best.

You’ve put so much time, effort and goodwill into this site, I am eternally grateful. You’ve also helped intermediate some very difficult matters, putting yourself on the line to help me and others. Way above and beyond the call of duty!

You will always be welcome to rejoin the team should you ever have a change of heart in future.


Thanks guys!

Will miss you Al

Thanks for the beep when I passed you driving the other day, felt quite cool when someone beeped me x


@oakr Was this in any way related to the Flavabaker account?

Hi @Michael

I gave my reasons for leaving to Chris and don’t plan on expanding further.

I may rejoin the team at some point in the future (if allowed by Chris and the team) however I’m taking a little break for now to concentrate on other matters.




Well like a flipflopping politician I am back…

In view of Chris’ self-imposed timeout from forum moderation I think losing 40% of the mod team in a week is not ideal, especially in view of the all the unseen work Chris does (that most will be unaware of that help keep the site running).

As such I’ve offered to postpone my departure from moderation (well technically I had to be re-instated) and the team have accepted my request to come back on board for a bit to help whilst Chris is away.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!



Welcome back.

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Ok so as of today I am off again.

Thanks again to my fellow mods for all their help over the past year and a half

I’ll continue using the site (though likely to be offline for a couple of weeks) and retain full confidence in the current moderation team who are all great people.

I hope to follow mod wishes to try and keep things positive and constructive on here - feel free to tell me off guys if I don’t!


Genuinely sorry to see you go. You have been a calm guide throughout and have infinitely more patience than I. See you on the other side. John

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Don’t apologise, I’m sure there are a few more than just me who appreciate what you and the other mods are doing.


You will be missed Al, but sure I’ll see you around as I do from time to time. Enjoy the extra time with the family as kids grow up too quick and the young years are precious x