Image not secure?

I had a suspicious email a couple of days ago that I quickly deleted. But on searching for the sender online it turned out to be a Chinese company that makes apps related to selfies. I have never taken a selfies in my life but what I have noticed more and more often lately is that Mozilla is giving me a “parts of this site not secure eg images” type message. It only seems to happen on this site not on others as far as I’ve noticed and then only on some threads where people have posted images. But not on all threads with images. It happened just now when I opened the post with the rainbow painting on the footbridge. And I can’t ever view the non human life in SE23 thread without this happening. Even if I close the thread, the warning remains until I close and reopen the site.

Just wondered if this was a known issue and if I should be concerned?

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Hi @marymck thanks for reporting.

Occasionally when we feature content from other sites, in this case an image from, that content is not transmitted in an encrypted fashion from those other sites.

Your browser is warning you about this unencrypted transfer, as the rest of is encrypted, and the inconsistency is notable in some cases.

In this case it’s not harmful IMO.

However I’ll look into this. In the past I have worked with the developers of our forum software to make sure all content featured on the forum, including content from elsewhere on the web, is transmitted in an encrypted fashion.

Update: I’ve fixed the Brockley Street Art topic by removing the summary box from the link to (a site which now seems to have closed down)


Many thanks Chris for taking the time to explain and fix.