Improving recommendations

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Would it be possible to allow members here to anonymously down vote recommendations for specific businesses?

Personally I don’t really want to post negatively about a local business, especially if I could have had an unlucky experience. But at the same time if something is no longer good, it would be nice to set a little caution for others.


There are a few options available. The forum software allows us to enable anonymous posting for members who have a high enough “trust level” (we can decide the threshold).

Or we could ask members to contact the team privately if they’d like to “downvote” a business and we can post this from the account.

We run the risk of this method being abused by competitors of the business, as we have no way of vetting that reviewers are genuine customers.

It’s a tough one.

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The reverse of this holds for the current system of positive reviews through. I don’t think it’s much different. Perhaps verified users only?