Incident on Loxton road



Serious looking incident with over 20 police officers, many in armoured gear and shields at Cranston road. Looks like some officers are armed, difficult to tell.

Been informed the incident is on Loxton road but the operation is being coordinated from Cranston (end by Stanstead).

Cranston road currently closed off from Stanstead side.



Anything further come out of this?


Curiouser and curiouser…


I understand the Police will have their reasons for not disclosing any details but i feel the response from MPS Forest Hill is downplaying the incident somewhat.

That many Police cars, vans, unmarked cars, ambulances, sniffer dogs and the sheer amount of officers in varying roles would indicate this was a relatively serious incident (or at least they had reason to believe it was).

I heard them use the word negotiator and other people have mentioned it was potentially a hostage situation. People, including myself, are curious when this amount of activity happens directly outside your home. Perhaps it would help further presumptions if the authorities released a short statement?


Yep agreed. I live on Loxton and we’ve received no information whatsoever. The level of response and police presence was definitely something to be worried about!