Incidents on trains

Is it just me or has the cold weather brought out the worst in some people.

I have noticed that the mood of people seems to have got worse over the last few weeks on my daily commute from FH and there was one assault earlier in the week (at NCG I believe) when one women slapped another on the overground. The victim called the police and the train was stopped at the station and despite initially claiming her innoncence the agressor quickly got off the train when a few people offered their details as witnesses.

I saw another yesterday at Kensington High Street station when one guy pushed another off the train as the doors were closing.

These seemed to be both caused by the overcrowding although no excuse.

I have also been forceably nudged out of the way when I did not move quick enough at Canada Water a couple of weeks ago.

No evidence to suggest that any of the agressors got on at FH though.

My wife saw the incident at NXG the other day - was around 08:55 on Thursday morning.

I saw something similar - also at NXG - last week with a bloke trying to push his way on (he jumped up and grabbed the overhead bar and used it to force people further in). When someone quite politely said that there wasn’t room (he was a big lad, but to frank, there wasn’t space for Kylie Minogue) he told her that pushing was normal and that if she didn’t like it, she could F*&k off and get a taxi.

A couple of people tutted and most avoided eye contact with him - I have to admit that I challenged him (I asked if he was proud of himself) and got an earful in return and an invitation to step on to the platform and discuss it further. I declined.

Question is, what can you do?

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I think this is just one more example of the deterioration of standards of a lot of behaviour in public. I know that it is not universal but there is so much of it about. I don’t think CCTV makes me feel any safer. There is a lot of CCTV about but I would be very surprised if all of it functions properly.

Its actually much more peaceful round my way in the winter oddly enough, but in the summer its a rare evening//nightwhen the air is not rent by louts swearing and shouting.