Indian restaurants



With the demise of our past few years favourite the Lemon Tree I am auditioning again for a regular good quality local Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant.

Over the years we’ve frequented many of the local venues inc Dewanian, Elachi, Babur ( not an everyday place for me) India Gate but where is the quality/value at the moment? I’m thinking maybe Elachi which has kept going for a long time , and scores well on TripAdvisor. Time for some up to date SE23 views?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

I still think Elachi is really good, they even sent me a Birthday card in Norfolk. We ate there a good few times but had a take away nearly every week. They let us down twice in 16 years, not bad.


India Gate is very good since it changed ownership.


+1 for Elachi.

We also did the weekly takeaway thing from there for quite a while - well, until the wife decided that we needed to eat more healthily.

We dont live too far away, so I tend to cycle down and collect when we do order these days. Not having it hang around waiting to be delivered makes a huge difference to the quality of the food - but I guess the same can be said for all takeaway’s.


Elachi is my closest restaurant yet never been. Any dishes particularly recommended?


For me, its gotta be a Shahi Murgh Masala and a Cheese Naan every time.

Mmmmmm…murgh masala… is it too late to order now :yum:


I love the Ginger Lamb, other half swears by the Butter Chicken. Re the health side, and Butter Chicken apart, Elachi cook using either olive oil or rape seed oil, no melted Tiger there.


Totally love Gurkha’s (not to be confused with Gurhha’s Flavour).


Shaka Maka in Brockley


I’d heard of Shaka Maka as a takeaway - are they a restaurant as well?


+1 for Saka Maka.

And Babur is just sublime.


yes Babur remains top of the list for me too and has been best in class since it first opened. That’s where I would take visitors from north of the river!.


Got a takeaway from babur a couple of weeks ago. Not very good. too much sauce in the curry, not enough chicken. My wife had a thali. It was pretty forgettable to say the least asall the dishes were on the greasy side.
Can be a bit hit or miss at times


Was that Babur the restaurant takeaway, or “Babur to Go”? There are effectively two different restaurants with the same name, and the difference in quality is huge, I’ve heard.


Babur to Go


thanks for all the tips, positive and negative, so far. I am looking for a sit down restaurant and somewhere to spend an evening with friends, much as I too appreciate a good takeaway. Good food, distinctively different flavours between dishes, not too oily or salty, reasonable beer and wine choices, a bit of atmosphere but no live music/Elvis acts. Picky aren’t I.

So on my audition list so far are:-

Elachi - easy walking distance from the All Inn One, and I have also had quite a few good visits here over the years, sometimes it’s been pretty quiet, though that makes it good for conversation.
Babur - is a shoe in for innovation and best quality but is also premium priced, so one for any special occasion. Their birthday offers take a bit of the edge off the price. Have enjoyed their Sunday buffets too.
Gurkha (the one in Sydenham High Street ) - easy walk from the Dolphin, have not been there for a few years - sounds worth a revisit
India Gate - central SE23 location, have been a few times over past couple of years- very friendly, good value , nearly made it to most favoured status, but the lost and lamented Lemon Tree had the edge while it lasted.

any other favourites? Catford? Lewisham? Lordship Lane?


Definitely give saka maka a go. Pretty basic interior but the food is great. Cheap, they offer byo but sell beer and wine too. I’ve only eaten in but will try a takeout now!


Very true. And Babur the restaurant’s takeaway is sublime as you put it. But. Expect to pay fine restaurant prices for this eat at home option. Definitely worth it.


new to me and definitely makes the list. Just read online reviews sounds excellent.


Not been for sit down and don’t know if they do it but when the mood does strike for takeaway I can’t recommend Himalayan Kitchen in Penge highly enough