Indian restaurants



There are a few tables for sit in at Himalayan Kitchen I believe. Agree about their food - tandoori chicken excellent. The owner used to be chef some time ago at Ghurkhas.


Ghurkhas still my favourite - been going there for 18 years and never disappoints.


100% favourite has to be BABUR. The premium menu they have is incredible. Takeaway is just as good as sitting in, order direct from the website too rather than Deliveroo etc.


+1 Gurkhas in Sydenham. The consistency is astonishing. I use one of the apps to order from them. Same level of service.

I’ll give the others a try maybe :slight_smile:


We used to use Ganapati as this was a nice change from Babur. They seem to have gone downhill for us a little bit recently. Hopefully just a glitch as they were really very good. They do Kerala regional dishes.


Okay, here’s a request: which of these would you recommend for takeaway for someone who doesn’t generally like Indian food but is wiling to give it another go? I find everything tastes very samey. I don’t dislike the flavours, just find them boring. Ditto when everything is in a sloppy sauce. My OH likes food he has eaten in Indian, but is similar unexcited about the British takeaway version.

Suggest a menu please (only moderately hot) and best restuarant to try first.

Please note: NO CORIANDER.


Takeaway or in restaurant?




For eat in, can’t beat Gurkhas for me. For take away, Himalayan Kitchen (as mentioned a few times) in Penge (the coconut rice is crazy good) and have own website - - or work through hungry house.

Not yet mentioned but we really like the Greedy Chef on dartmouth/Kirkdale corner near the bricklayers arms. Great portions, flavours, menu and always friendly when we have popped in to collect.
Much like many they have their own website/app (not used the app) - - aswell as work through just eat.



But what to order? I’m starting from pretty much zero knowledge here.


Chicken Tikka.


If you don’t like heat, sauce or coriander then perhaps best not to bother as a lot of dishes are at least two out of three of those :wink:

Seriously though most of your standard Indian dishes are going to be problematic. Jalfrezi, Rogan Josh, Madras, Vindaloo, Dansak are all saucy or hot. Maybe a Bhuna which has richer thicker sauce would suit.
Maybe a Biriani which is essentially dry but comes with a side of veg curry.

I often find the best dishes to be on the House or Chefs specials so for example from the Elachi - Murugh Makahanior or King Prawn Mugli or even the Bengal Fish. Most places will be able to vary the heat or omit the coriander…

ETA - always have some bread! Peswari Nan really makes a curry!


Well, to be clear, I said moderate heat. Which is subjective, I suppose. Not so hot it hurts.

As for sauce - it’s thick gloopy neon bright sauce that makes the rest of the dish unrecognisable that I don’t like. Not just sauce per se.

Coriander isn’t negotiable though. :nauseated_face:


But the pain is part of the fun!!


A really good suggestion is to go into the likes of Elachi and ask if you can sample some small dishes. A good restaurant will recognise a potential customer and help them.


I have similar feelings about the standard UK Indian takeaway but my eyes have been opened to some wonderful Indian food. However, I suspect that an avoidance of coriander, in all its forms, might be problematic for this cuisine. If it is just the leaf, then this is usually just a garnish and could be left out on request.


Demands how hungry you are but for a couple I would go for something like:

2 x starters - chicken tandoori/other

2 x curries - suggest getting two different meats and two different types of spice/sauce e.g: chicken pasanda (creamy but based), Goan salmon (garlic, pepper, coconut base) or lamb shishlak (tomato, pepper, sweet and sour like base). Just any mix of two different and maybe go for house/regional specials for something different)

1 x rice - pilau or coconut

1 x peshwari naan (sweet coconut stuffed) or garlic if not keen on coconut

1 x side - sag paneer (spinach cheese), aloo gobi (cauliflower potato) or brinjil based (aubergine)

Hope that’s helpful?!


Ps: that’ll be more than enough and could prob go one starter and side or two starters no side and apologies for my silly phone writing things like but instead of nut amongst other autocorrects!


I’m from India and find the whole meat in different gloopy sauces you get at standard curry houses very annoying. Not sure if you are familiar with South Indian food but dosas (crepes made from rice and lentils with various fillings) are very yummy. If you want to venture out to East Croydon, try Saravana Bhavan. It is a very popular chain in Southern India and have branches around the world but the one in East Croydon is relatively new and the quality of still good. Don’t expect fancy decor.


Does anyone recall the most amazing slow cooked clove lamb from Babur? I just checked the menu and it seems to have disappeared!