Indian restaurants



Thanks for it the great tips. It’s only coriander leaf I can’t stomach.


Have you tried cilantro? Its delicious.


You have no idea the problems I had when we first moved to the States.


Err, that wasn’t me. I agree. @RachaelDunlop is the coriander denier :slight_smile:. Cilantro is the same thing.


Looks like the quote function picked up the wrong assignation in the quote with a quote.

And yeah, coriander / cilantro. I think that was the joke…


:japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre: Yep.


I can’t stand coriander, it tastes of what I imagine washing up liquid tastes like :-1:


Thanks to this thread, I tried Saka Maka in Brockley last night. Already a fan of Masala Wala around the corner but if anything this is better as a much bigger menu. We had a lamb samosa to share, chicken biryani, lamb tikka, raita and dhal with 2 large beers and 2 kulfi for £41 which service charge. It was packed at 8ish last night and we found it an easy stumble from the Overground with an Uber home. Food is kind of home style, not huge portions and the lamb tikka specifically was superb. Decor is simple but when packed has a good atmosphere. Beer and basic wine are sold or you can upgrade with a BYO - the Sainsbury’s over the road doing a good trade on this. Really cute touch where you ring a bell on the way out if you enjoyed it and they all clap. Would recommend a trip.


I can confirm that the takeaway version is just as good - the dhal and lamb biryani are particularly great and it all travels well. Definately my new favourite.


India Gate is by far one of the best indian restaurants I’ve been to in a long while.
There or Dishoom for me


Curry Cabin for a curry and Babur for cuisine.


Since this thread started have visited with friends:

Elachi - nice people, good value, good spicy dishes, good quality, no real issues - but food didn’t have a real wow factor either.

Memsaab (in Lordship Lane) - very good value, similar in price to Elachi. Food though we thought at a higher level - some particularly good tender lamb dishes (Rogan Josh and Achari). Busy and a good atmosphere on the Friday we visited. Most definitely worth the bus ride up Lordship Lane.

Babur - as expected quite exceptional food, an amazing choice of different flavours, everything so well spiced and presented. Even pappadoms and chutneys are a cut above the rest. Busy even on a Sunday evening. Discounts are often available on their website or if you are on their mailing list. Even though more expensive it is excellent value.

Ghurkas, Saka Maka and Himalayan Kingdom still on my to do list.


There are a lot of underwhelming south asian places around here tbh. I have been a bit spoiled as I grew up in Leicester then moved to Birmingham, then within delivery distance of Tooting - all places with large asian populations and with some outstanding food. But I haven’t tried a few of the places in this thread so I’ll give them a go. Babur has been the exception, not just outstanding for the area but for London and maybe even the country as a whole.


Babur all day long.
You’ll see many Indians (particularly Bengali) 1st and 2nd generation dining in because the food is so good and respected. The thali dishes are excellent value if you are ordering for delivery from the main restaurant. Definitely order direct to avoid surcharges from deliveroo etc.