Industrial units behind Cranston/Kilmorie Road

What are the industrial looking units between the back gardens of some of the houses on Cranston and Kilmorie Rd used for?

Interesting - I thought you were referring to the many “garages” so I had a look on the new Google Earth (which is amazing BTW).

I take it you mean the long building in the middle of the screen grab?

That’s a few hundred yards from my front door so now I have to go and investigate!

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I think it’s currently used as some youth club setup, entrance on Kilmorie. Nick, we’re both on the nicer side of Cranston so benefit from longer West-facing gardens :slight_smile:

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Could be the Young Lewisham Project - which is 124 Kilmorie Rd

Is this you, @younglewishamproject?

Yeah, that’s the one. Didn’t realise they have a car/motorbike maintenance garage there, lots of really useful life skills coaching, much better setup for disadvantaged kids than the inappropriate ‘youth club’ label I used, apologies.

Yep that’s it. Seems to be the young lewisham project in one.

Yes, I popped down there to donate an old unused bike for one of their schemes, where they learn to refurbish old bikes and send them to Africa.
Seems like a great project they have going.

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It is us @anon5422159! We’re located behind the houses on Kilmorie Road, our entrance is down a driveway between 122 and 126 Kilmorie Road.

If anyone wants to find out more about what we do, please have a look at our website:

We have a carpentry workshop and a motorcycle workshop together with a kitchen space, lounge area and office in one building. In the other building we have a bicycle workshop and a meeting room and kitchen. In addition, we have a garden.

We’re thinking about offering evening classes to the general public in the future, as our space is not used at night and it would be another source of income to support the work we do with disadvantaged young people, now that our local authority funding has been completely withdrawn. Information regarding this is available now on our website, you can have your say regarding what evening classes you would be interested in too!

Please feel free to pop into the project and say hello if you are our neighbours, as we’d love you to see what we do!


Have to say here I love the work @younglewishamproject do. They are an inspiration to all ages :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pauline for your kind words, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi @younglewishamproject, just replied to your evening classes questionnaire. Forgot to mention that another idea is similar to this one:

Personally, I think £29/hr is a bit steep (especially when you don’t know in advance how long a job is going to take or whether you have all the parts you’ll need, etc.), but I’d quite happily pay to have access to an equipped garage so I can do all those little jobs that don’t get done due to lack of tools, weather, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to our evening class questionnaire and for sending over the information regarding Oval Motorcycle Centre.

We are currently looking at options that may work with the motorcycle workshop and will be back in touch in due course.

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Hi @younglewishamproject Sadly due to rising rents and rates (translating to the prices mentioned by @Moto_Hodder), Oval (OMC) will be shutting its doors in the next few weeks. Their Basic Maintenance Course which was 3 hours of an evening was excellent and always popular. Something similar to this I think would work well. There are a few places doing 5 week courses (BOLT for instance), but the 3 hour was a good evening in which you learnt a lot and you didn’t need to commit to a number of weeks which also broadens the catchment area. I know one of the motorcycle meet up clubs does a day course sometimes at one of their members’ garages and that is always full - so I think there is a market there if advertised appropriately.
Not sure if it would work but there are also now a number of people with project bikes/ self servicing needs that have nowhere to go… I don’t think you want people’s projects littered around but evening self-service may be a go’er.

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Hi @Alisha. We’re really sorry to hear that OMC will be shutting it’s doors in the next few weeks, that’s a real shame. We’re currently about to embark on soliciting people’s feedback on what evening classes they would be interested in and will then consolidate it all to see what might work. We will definitely include this really helpful feedback when we’re collating it all.

Thanks to those that have taken the time to respond to our survey on our website regarding what evening classes they might be interested in. We’ll be collating responses to the survey over the next month and will make a decision on which ones to run, based on popularity. :slight_smile:

Spotted this on FHSoc’s Facebook page.

Edit: sorry. Image seems generic but it links to a FB page about a @younglewishamproject of interest to cyclists. My wife got her bike checked out at one of these events and was very pleased with their work.

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Glad to hear that we were able to help your wife with her bike and that she was pleased with the work we did.

On Thursday, 11th May from 6.30pm onwards, we will be running a ‘Spring Bike Event’ with Lewisham Cyclists at the project.

Please feel free to pop down with your bike, we’d be happy to check it over for you or do minor repairs to it, if required!