Input wanted on local cocktail class

COCKTAILS! :cocktail: What do YOU think?

Hello all, I’d like your input please. I am setting up a cocktail class in SE23 (I’ll share location etc when we have a date). It will be fun, accessible and hopefully the start of something every month or two to bring a fun new evening to the area. I would love to know what suits you best, starting with which day:

Wednesday (“hump day”)
Thursday (“the new Friday”)

We would likely start at 7pm and run for an hour, time to get back from work, time to have dinner after (at home or at venue)!

Please let me know if Wednesday or Thursday would be your preference. So far Thursday is in the lead. Plus if you are interested in the idea it would be great to know!

Could make a poll?

  • Wednesday (hump day)
  • Thursday (the new Friday)

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Sounds fantastic by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks, still working out posting!

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I know you are taking a vote on days (which I have done) but 're timing I think 7pm may be bit early for home after work and having made dinner etc. We initially had book club scheduled for then and swiftly moved to 7.30 which can still sometimes be a rush.


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