Installation next to Forest Hill Pools

Anyone know what this kit does? Hope it was worth digging up the shrubbery.

IIRC the letter we got - upgraded cell tower in preparation for 5G coverage.

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Looks like a standard omni-directional antenna and base station. Sometimes they are green or brown to blend in with trees around them, often used for in-fill coverage.

DC/19/111340 may be the planning permission, granted back in May:

It’s a shame they can’t bury the base and keep the flower bed on top, but I guess it would be too difficult/costly for cooling and servicing.

Yup - that’s the one. Bigger, taller and much more noticeable from behind the pools than the previous one. Guess that’s the price of better coverage for you.

At least these days operators are often sharing cell sites and masts so there’s less of them overall.

I wonder if that bar on the side of the monopole is waiting for a small microwave point to point link dish to be installed for backhaul? The planning permission seems to indicate dishes…

Hopefully our Council is charging them for installing on Council property.

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