iPhone 8 for sale, 6 months old £500

iPhone 8 for sale, only 6 months old, looks good as new! Bought as replacement for phone I thought I lost but subsequently found 2 months later.

£500, 64GB. Based in Forest Hill.

Please get in touch if you’re interested.


BH’s Iphone 6 has persistent battery probs and a replacement may be required.

If your phone is till on offer can you PM me and I will respond - I cannot currently initiate PM’s on this board.


Hi, my iPhone 6 also had persistent battery probs, I couldn’t leave the house without a power pack! I took it to the Apple shop in Bromley on Saturday, and they replaced the batter for £25 - it’s perfect now, can’t believe I left it so long to sort.


Alternatively, for a few pounds more you can fill out a replacement request online and Apple will send you a box to post it back - they replace the battery and send it back to you. Done that with my old iPhone 6 and the wife’s iPhone 6S. The whole process took around 4 working days in both cases. In both cases, the phone came back like new!

Note - the £25 replacement battery is a special deal introduced by Apple after they got stick for slowing down devices with older batteries (https://www.apple.com/uk/iphone-battery-and-performance/). The offer only lasts until the end of the year, after which expect it to go back up to circa £80. So get in quick while you still can!

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And always check your Apple device’s serial number against their service schemes if it’s playing up. OH had a battery subject to recall in his iPhone 6 and it was replaced for free. Ditto the camera in my 6 Plus.