iPhone battery change

Does anyone know anywhere (other than an Apple store) that does iPhone battery changes? The Apple stores have a reputation for appalling service and very long waits, and I’ve heard you can get it done at other local places. I dropped my (new-ish) phone in water, and the phone seems to be ok after a dry-out, except the battery which won’t fully charge or hold its power. (In case anyone suggests I do it myself, I tried that with a previous phone - after sending off for the kit - and made a mess of it, ruining my phone, so won’t be doing that again).


You can’t change the battery in an iPhone. If the battery is buggered so is your phone.


If it’s fairly new and you didn’t insure it, it might be worth checking if it is covered on your household insurance for accidental damage.

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This isn’t a recommendation, but I did think of this place. Have never used it but often pass it. It’s almost directly above Catford Bridge station. Google reviews look good.


I’ve swapped batteries in iphones successfully before, so it can be done (at least in some models).

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I was under the impression it wasn’t possible - if I’m wrong I stand corrected! When I’ve had battery issues under warranty the Apple Store have given me a new phone.

I’m guessing doing it yourself would invalidate any warranty.

I’m guessing doing it yourself would invalidate any warranty.

Yes, definitely. iphones have a Liquid Contact Indicator which, if tripped, renders the warranty is invalid anyway.

Possible but ridiculously complicated - as a tech dept we don’t bother ever with stuff like this.

Here is a very simple 27 step process to change one in an iPhone 6!
All you need is a spudger, an iSclack, a special mini screwdriver, an iopener and a gucci shoe tree.

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I’ve changed a few iPhone batteries and screens from iPhone 4 to a 5C versions - the newer models tend to be far easier to work with. I would say that it is a relatively easy job for anyone with experience.

When you say:

it makes me think that there has been some other damage to a component that is causing this behaviour, so changing the batter may not solve the issue.


They sell all of that in Maplin, I bought a kit last week.

Its worth having a chat with the phone guy who works from the hardware shop next to the Capital. He has replaced my phone screen a number of times before without any problems.

Phone screens are easy. They are basically just a cover, with a few wires to attach. They are designed to be easy to replace.

Correct - and from memory the battery on an iphone 6 is 2 screws extra and a bit of glue.

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Youtube has loads of “How to” videos.

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I wondered about that as well. Looking online the replacement battery kits seem ludicrously cheap, though, so may be worth a punt.

They sell gucci shoe trees in Maplin??

In three fetching colours :grin:

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Thank you very much everyone for all your replies.

I’m fairly sure I don’t have accidental damage insurance cover.

Also, I’m fairly sure dropping it in water would invalidate the warranty, so I’m not even thinking about warranty cover – just whether it may still be repairable.

I don’t really want to try changing the battery again, as I meticulously tried following one of the YouTube videos with my previous iPhone after it started losing its charge, and ended up damaging it, as one of the tiny screws inside wouldn’t come out, but kept turning endlessly. I can’t actually remember what happened now, but in my frustration I think I broke a tiny piece off, so the phone was fit for the garbage. I bought the kit online.

I have to confess that I did put this phone on the radiator for a few minutes after giving it a good shake and wipe down (having taken the sim out), which probably wasn’t the brightest thing to do, as they don’t like high temperatures. I quickly removed it and then left it alone for a couple or hours. Some time later, I noticed, on touching it, that it was red hot – which may indicate a fault inside. I did pick it out of the water very quickly, but even a small amount can damage it.

It’s currently sitting in a plastic bag of rice, which was what colleagues at work told me to do (despite online advice not to). I thought it unlikely to do any harm, even if it doesn’t do any good.

I’ll take another look at it in the morning and try to give it another charge, then think what to do. I believe I need an appointment to go to any Apple store – and the Bromley one gets loads of bad reviews for customer service.

It’s an iPhone 4SE by the way.

I could try that place in Catford. I know where you mean.