iPhone screen repair?


I just tried to take my cracked iphone to the repair shop on London road near to Sainsbury’s. Turns out it has closed and the shoe repair shop has expanded into the space. Wondering if anyone knows another place nearby that can replace the screen on my phone?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Timpsons in the car park of the big Sainsburys at Bell Green, if that’s not too far. They did my daughter’s phone and were great. You get a guarantee too.


There’s also a place in the hardware store down from the Capitol that was once a Blockbusters Video store.


Thanks all for the advice. Think I’ll try the hardware store out of convenience but the Ladywell place is good for future reference.


I got mine fixed at Polytechnics on Dartmouth Road and have complaints - £50. Which seems standard.


Was that meant to be “no complaints”, or a suggestion you weren’t happy?


Oh dear! Sorry. I meant NO complaints!!