iPhone urgently wanted - can pay up to £40 [sorted]


Hello. Has anybody got a Smart phone they no longer want because they’ve upgraded. I was given my first Smart phone a couple of months ago (a Blackview) by a friend, but unfortunately it’s been useless and temperamental and now just completely died. My phone bill has already gone up because I added this phone (for it’s apps - so that I can call abroad for free etc.) to my Blackberry contract - and I can’t afford to pay out any more for a new phone or to have this dodgy one mended (I think it’s past that). Because I’m only on SIM only, EE can’t give me another phone without charging me even more. Has anyone got a Smart phone they no longer want? A really simple one is all I’m after. Many thanks


I’ve got an old htc m7 from about 2013 that you can have for free.
Send me a private message if you’re interested


Hi. After some research, I’ve been told that Android phones can be a bit pants. This Smart phone I’ve been given is dying on me. I had to pull the battery out 3 times today just to switch it on, as it froze. I went to a repair shop and they couldn’t guarantee that flushing the software would keep it working for much longer and really recommended an iPhone. I have to keep costs down - soooo, has anyone got an iPhone they no longer want or can sell me. I really can’t pay more than £40 if for sale…


The range of andoid phones is so vast though that some will be rubbish and some will be as good as iPhones (if similarly priced). Age is obviously the issue, as I’m sure pretty much all of them are designed to decay after 2 or 3 years.


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Many thanks Chris…but I still feel that this isn’t a ‘Geeks’ discussion - it’s a need.

I’ve marked this ‘wanted/needed’ and mentioned that I can pay up to £40 for said needed device. It’s not a discussion.

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Hi Georgia. Your post is fine here. I just wanted to make others aware of the other category in case they wanted a discussion on iPhone / Android, which would probably distract from your original post if it happened here.


Sorry, I was just trying to help by offering advice in the context of this discussion. I’ll keep my oar out :slight_smile:


Please don’t feel like that @Audrey_Finch - as I also thought that your comment was relevant - especially as this shout out was for a ‘Smart phone’. To be honest, a few of my friends have swapped their iPhones for android and swear they’d never go back.
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iPhone for £40. Good luck ! They hold their value pretty well. There are many Android phones that are good so you might want to rethink that.


For my last couple of phones I have bought refurbished models. These are often simply phones that have been returned unused and then sold on with a 12 month warranty. Moneysavingexpert has some good advice on this.

One of the eBay re-sellers they recommend has an iPhone 5 with marks and 16GB storage for £65.99 with 12 month warranty. It’s a bit more than you want to spend but as someone else said iPhone come at a premium. You might find a £40 phone here but you take your chances without a warranty.


Although your not keen on android I’d seriously recommend the Alcatel Pixi 4. You can pick one up down Bell Green Sainsbury’s for £60 and can probably get one cheaper on eBay.


£40 is a reasonable price for an iPhone 4.



The iPhone 4 is eight years old, and its operating system cannot be upgraded beyond iOS 7.

This means it will not receive security updates, and is probably a bad bet.


Good points - I would also be concerned about battery degradation. In the spirit of helping the OP - what is the oldest iPhone you would not consider to be a bad bet?


This is a handy site that shows operating system support for different iPhone models:


At the lowest price point, I’d recommend a minimum of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 supports the current iOS version (iOS11), and will probably also support iOS12 (due for release this year) - meaning it will probably enjoy at least two years of updates.


I had an iPhone 6 until very recently and it coped reasonably well with iOS 11.


Many thanks for everyone’s advice and help. I’ve now been given an iPhone 6 by my beloved friend and neighbour…it’s fabbo.