Iron Railings

Can anyone recommend a (local) company who install made to measure iron railings? I had a look on Google but haven’t had much luck yet. Just had front wall rebuilt and want to install railing. Thanks

The hardware shop in Sydenham at the top of the high street before you get to the roundabout used to act as agents for a wrought-iron gate firm.
The supplied railings and stairs at reasonable cost. It’s 4 years now so lost the invoice but might be worth popping in to ask. They did twists and bars as well sort of tudor style features. Made to measure and did fitting and some onsite welding.

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Thanks will give them a try!

Not super local, but we recently used Artscroll in Welling ( for some railings in our back garden as our building contractor had previous experiance of them. Reasonably priced and did a good job. Came out, measured up, did twisty bits, powder coating and all that. Then got it all installed and looking good on the first attempt (which after a year of building work, you appreciate thats an increasingly rare thing :slight_smile:)

Alternitavely, you can try the London Railng Company (, who I came across when doing some research of my own and I believe are based over on Sunderland Road.