Is anyone on here a tenant or leaseholder with Hexagon Housing Association and experiencing major issues with maintenance?

Hello. I bought my flat in Forest Hill 18 months ago and Hexagon Housing Association are the freeholder and own all three flats in my block.

Since living here I have experienced endless problems with their lack of standard maintenance to the building and communal areas and my neighbors who are tenants, have said that they have experienced the same since living here for many years. It has got to the point where some communal areas are becoming safety hazards because they have not been maintained properly.

They never respond to emails even when going through the complaints procedure and are ultimately in breach of the lease. I plan to escalate this but it would be good to know if anyone on here also has Hexagon as their freeholder/landlord. Certainly from the reviews online I know I’m not alone and I think something should be done, especially as they are a registered charity!!


We almost bought through Hexagon in Peckham, only for them to tell us they need to do remedial work on the balcony… 1 week before contract exchange…

Subsequently have pulled out of the purchase… and looked at another housing development with a more reputable HA.

Reading what you are experiencing, I can only hope that they sort themselves out and your place gets sorted. Maybe go there in person as they are only on Sydenham high street?

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I live next door to one in a conservation area. They don’t seem to think the rules apply to them when doing work and never respond to questions (like why did you knock my fence to do illegal maintenance?)

Yeah, they certainly follow their own rules. They are a registered charity and amongst other things I’m considering reporting them to the charity commission for breaching a number of things, including taking a service charge from me and not maintaining the property as set out in my lease and on their website.

I think it would be a wasted trip. Unfortunately I am going to have to pursue other options and possibly legal action. They don’t respond to any communications and as a landlord are in breach of my lease on various clauses. You’d think as a Housing Association they’d be a responsible landlord but absolutely not.

I’m not a tenant but I did email them twice about issues with their tenants parking on the pavements to the front of Malibu Court when they have their own - usually completely empty - private car park to the rear. I heard nothing back from Hexagon beyond auto generated receipts to my emails. Our ward councillors Sophie and Leo are going to try to get a response on that matter. Maybe you could ask them to try to get Hexagon to respond to your issue too? Worth a try? Hopefully they’ll have more clout than we have.


Thank you - good shout and getting in touch with Lewisham Council to report was also part of my plan. I’m hoping that there is a large enough volume of complaints regarding to Hexagon that something is done because something needs to happen. All of the google reviews say the same. They don’t care!

hi Sam78 … i am also experiencing same problems… lets talk

Hexagon renter here, and we have a serious issues with massive cracks in the walls in all over the building, and they repeatedly refuse to do anything about it. Any excuse not to spend money, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that the longer they leave it, the more money it’s going to cost. They expect us to fill in cracks and shut up.

They are our freeholder too and seem unaware of their responsibilities under the lease. I have a Masters degree in Housing Law and the CEOs email address - some pointed emails have resolved issues (eventually). The tenant in the top floor of our converted flat has had terrible trouble getting basic works done and did in the end take them to court where they found in her favour.

When we sell this place, we will never buy leasehold again.

It sounds like you’ve had the same issues as me. I’ve sought advice from the Leasehold Advisory Group three times who have given me helpful bits of law to quote in my communications with them. Have emailed the CEO many times and cc’d in other managers of the service repair team but the CEO ignored me now. Whenever I threaten legal action they do something and make some progress and then it stalls again. And they take years to reply to emails. I’m never going leasehold when I buy again. The tenants above me also have the same issues and have done for years. I feel another legal threat coming on…

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I have made that point to them many times. They have no concept of investing to maintain a property at its best. Have you ever sought legal advice?

We (block of 19 flats) escaped the clutches of a housing association via the Right to Manage legislation. It allows leaseholders to set their own service charge and more importantly organise their own maintenance. Check out the qualifying criteria below:-


Thanks for this. I’ll take a look but I am the only leaseholder in a building with 3 flats, the other two are council tenants. Not sure if that affects anything

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they are bad and yes they normally put patches and delay action… have you talked to the guys @hexagonforum or hexagon residents forum? nick

… nor shared ownership! trying to get info as per section 22 Tenant Landlord act as we speak…nick

Yes I have the same issue except my ceiling fell down and I live in Camberwell/Peckham. I can show u clips if you want

They are disgusting explains why they got 2.5 stars on google