Is Everyone Organized For Christmas?


I’m so organised this year because I don’t have any work commitments.

It’s quite liberating, dancing to music on Kisstory while cleaning and taking my time.

All shopping is finished too :slight_smile:

Will get ants in my pants soon though!

Can’t sit still for 2 mins :joy::joy:

Homemade cookies & cream fudge just made and setting for Xmas Eve too :sunglasses::sunglasses:


sounds amazing! I especially like the home-made fudge part-yummy!
I did all of my food shopping via a tesco home delivery to avoid the chaos of the shops, which was delivered yesterday- minus the turkey I had ordered!
There was no appropriate substitution available so I had to face the shops today just to buy a turkey.
Wasn’t impressed, but it’s all done now so I can start relaxing!


Mostly! Shopping’s done, mainly fresh baked goods for the neighbours this year. Already put on a few kilos, warming up for the main event :smiley:

Just gotta get to the missus’s family for a big old feast and I’m sorted.

Merry xmas…


If anyone see’s me dancing on my roof take no notice on Christmas Day please.

I have disco ball glasses for everyone that visits :grinning::grinning::grinning:


@starman Jason you are more than welcome to pop by for a glass of Sangria xx

@Bolgerp is more than welcome too xx
Doing a bowl of this Xmas Eve xx


Fudge is almost set, happy to pass you on some.

Merry Christmas


We’re, pretty much ready. I’ve still wrapping though. OH finished about a month ago!

Meats get picked up from the Butchery tomorrow. I think we’re popping to Dartmouth Rd for a couple on Monday so will bell ya.


Cool, pop by for a glass & some bonbons xx


I have lots of sweets, and can give you some to take home too xx


You might have to put up with my music though :joy::joy:


I’ve been to confession. Is there anything else I should be doing?