Is HOP being ripped off by TfL?



Is HOP being ripped off by TfL? No.

If passengers really want to save a few quid in HOP on their travelcard, they can commute from Brockley instead, a short bus ride away from Stondon Park.

If in the unlikely event HOP ever got Zone 2, then Forest Hill will want it and then Sydenham and so on.

With TfL’s finances not exactly great at the moment thanks to the Crossrail delay and the fares freeze until 2020 on TfL based fares, reducing revenue from HOP isn’t the answer. Honor Oak Park and Forest Hill have benefited from being on the East London Line and cheaper pay as you go fares since May 2010.


We can actually get relatively cheap train fares compared to most north Londoners by purchasing a train only ticket without access to the tube. This works well for people working in London Bridge, Blackfriars, Canon Street, Waterloo, possibly even Kings Cross, and areas close to main line stations. For commuters to Canary can by a travelcard avoiding zone 1. These are two ways to pay less for you travel without the need for rezoning.

I realise that parking very close to HOP station can be difficult, and i do have sympathy. But if HOP was in zone 2 I would personally be very tempted to drive from Forest Hill to park there. Financially it would be crazy for me not to do that and would avoid walking up a hill every evening. The only question then is whether i would walk 150m or 300m after parking my car close to the station - it is just about how much i want to save money. The only thing that stops me doing this in East Dulwich is they have worse train services than Forest Hill.

Moving HOP to zone 2 makes a lot of sense for people in Forest Hill. Less commuters parking in our roads and we can drive to HOP where there are loads of residential streets to park close to the station, allowing for cheaper travel to London.

Imposing a CPZ would need to be quite large in such a situation and people in HOP would need to pay more to prevent me enjoying the same cheap travel that they would from the most remote zone 2 station other than Stratford.


There seem to be two topics on this thread now - is it worth splitting them into one on a micro-CPZ near Honor Oak Park station and another one on potentially re-zoning the station?


This should remain about rezoning and whether the unfairness of the station being closer than some others, yet in a more expensive zone, is worth fighting or, as I suspect, residents are too apathetic to care about for what is a mere £300/year saving (though it would be more if you did not get monthly travelcards).

This wouldn’t translate to a massive uptake in house prices, is my feeling. The issue is more just a question of fairness is how I see it.


Some residents are not apathetic, but just don’t find the argument convincing.