Is the footbridge by the German church open, and could I carry a bike across it?

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that the footbridge by the Dietrich Bonhoeffer church was closed? Was that just a crazy dream? Hoping so, as I was thinking of going that way tomorrow on my bike.

It’s open, I pushed my bike over it a couple of days ago - it’s part of the SE23 loop unofficially.

Yes it has a guided bike runner that you can push it up and down on, no need to carry although it’s quite steep!

p.s. if you want to try the loop, join us on Saturday (tomorrow) at 9am and we’re going round in a group. Weekly SE23 loop


Thanks for the info! I’m out all day tomorrow alas so can’t join the circuit. I am pretty unfit - how far do you guys go? And how fast?

Not done it before but it is a short ride - less than 8 miles - and no rush!

Yes 6.8 miles and not fast - just for fun, feel free to come next week - jump over to Weekly SE23 loop in the Cycling group to discuss further so we don’t bore everyone else :slight_smile:

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