Is the NHS COVID app still pinging?

Wondering if anyone has had a close contact ping from the NHS app since the beginning of April? I finally tested positive for COVID on an LFT yesterday. I reported the result and got a code to put into the NHS COVID app. I gave my permission to share the results with my close contacts. I spent the weekend in a group of 9 people - 7 of whom had the app running. None of them have had a ping from it.

Thinking back, I don’t recall getting a ping since late March so wondering if it was turned off in early April along with the rest of track and trace? Other bits of the process still appear to be working; I’ve been texted by my GP to let me know they’ve been updated on the result.

Since returning to work i was getting pinged at least once a week. I presume from the FOH to LBG trip. I eventuality deleted the app. About a month ago.

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My App is still on and running and lots of people in my workplace have been sick with Covid but I haven’t been pinged since late march either
I commute daily into central london on packed underground trains but still no ping

I suspect lots of people have uninstalled it. I’ve got it running and nothing for ages.

I’ve only used the tube a few times, and the bus not much so maybe don’t have quite as many close contacts.

I did also wonder if it was still operational.

I’ve had the NHS Covid app running since it was first launched and kept Bluetooth on throughout but haven’t been pinged once!

I got my first-ever ping at the beginning of April for a close contact at the end of March — about five days after the event. Tested negative, felt fine. Still have the app turned on.

I got pinged yesterday!

What does it actually tell you to do now when you get pinged, if anything?

When I last got pinged in March, it just told me that there was no need to isolate but keep an eye out for symptoms and consider testing.

None of my pals have been pinged yet about last weekend… despite us spending 12-14 hours a day in each others company in close quarters. On the upside, I appear to have a mild dose so that’s something.

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I’ve been pinged twice, and both times had to isolate, though obviously a while ago.

I wonder if in your case the meeting with your friends was sufficiently before you tested positive that it didn’t alert them?

Glad it is mild for you - I know so many adults who got it recently.

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