Is this your cat? Lost Cat.

Hi there. I was walking home from work, and came across this tiny cat. It looks so skinny, with bones sticking out, and really looked like it was scavenging. I quickly ran to the shop (it was closed, but they Luckily let me in), and bought the cat some food. I thought I lost it, but it turned up again. He or she ate 3 sachets of food. My heart is broken :cry: I couldn’t get near the cat to see if I could feel a chip, but definitely no collar.

I’ve lived in Honor Oak for 3 years now, and know a lot of the local cats, and have never seen this one. I don’t normally feed other people’s cats. I have 2 of my own, but this one… looked, and was so hungry :frowning:

Does this cat belong to anyone? It was outside Babur restaurant.

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Looks like the same one in @Raqs88’s thread…

Unfortunately it’s not. That one in @Raqs22 has no white in it.

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You are right - this one has a white nose :frowning_face: